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Why the Packers shouldn’t select a QB early in the 2020 NFL Draft


The Green Bay Packers are in an interesting position in this off-season quarterback position. Aaron Rogers is 36 years old, and some people think he shows the main signs of regression. This has led to rumors that packers may be interested in the quarterback in the first rounds of the NFL 2020 draft.

Packers Wire noted that the team paid a virtual visit to Utah quarterback Jordan Love.

The packers make a virtual tour on the QB Jordan Love Avenue https://t.co/Dhl3KFqtzL.

– Wire of Packers (@ThePackersWire) 1. April 2020.

If the Packers want to focus on love, they will probably have to act on their current selection of 30 pieces in the first round. You can also go back to the second round and focus on a man like Jacob Eason or Jake Fromm. Jelen Hearts could be another option for Green Bay.

This option may be fascinating, but Brian Gutekunst and the company have to wait at least another year.

Why wouldn’t packers take the BQ sooner?

It is simply that packers cannot afford to waste early decisions about positions they do not currently need. Rogers is four years away from the end of his contract and the rumors about his resignation have gotten a little out of hand. He still has a very good season in 2019.

Rogers made 62% of his attempts in 4,002 yards, 26 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He also climbed 183 meters and landed on the ground. These figures don’t cry out for scandal: the Packers should win a quarterback at the start of the 2020 project.

Instead, Green Bay should focus on supporting the wide receiver, the linebacker and other areas that need help. The Super Bowl has only a few quarters left. If the window opens for the game, they can’t afford to waste time and money.

Of course, according to Rogers, the Packers have to start planning their lives. It will make much more sense to take the quarterback next year or the year after that. Rogers will probably not stay longer than five or six years, although stranger things have happened.

Among the prospects Packers should be looking for is a Clemson T wide receiver. Higgins, Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray or maybe even a lineman like Josh Jones from Houston. All these types will meet the most pressing needs of the franchise. Building around Rodgers is always something Packers should feel comfortable with.

As long as he hasn’t shown last season that he’s incapable of throwing, there’s no reason to panic.

Of course, a man like Love or Pain would be fascinating. Yeah, they could be the future of Green Bay. But the packers now have to concentrate on winning, while still being able to play with one of the best quarterbacks of all time.