Read this article to know how accounting automation for businesses is unavoidable today. Know its meaning and benefits and reasons to try PyThru automated accounting.

In this cut-throat competition, it is necessary to keep up with the changing times and adopt new technologies. Entrepreneurs and accounting professionals are now looking for the best accounting software and switching to automation.

Accounting automation is one of the extensively adopted and evolving technologies. It is predicted that the value of the international accounting software market by 2026 will reach $11.7 million.

The handling of accounting tasks such as bookkeeping accounts, receivables & payables, reports, and more is the key to the financial operations of any business. Today’s accounting automation solution makes these tasks smooth, speedy, and reliable. This further helps businesses with efficiency, profits, and growth.

This article elaborates on the meaning of automated accounting automation and the reasons why businesses need to implement the same in their businesses. Also, know which one is highly recommended in the market.

What is Accounting Automation?

The accounting software is designed and developed to complete various accounting operations automatically. Some of these functions include reconciliation, bookkeeping, financial data updations, statements & report generation, and more.

These automatic operations happen with minimal human involvement and errors. Also, it assists in other functions including invoicing, auditing, budget preparation, investment decisions, and business planning.

PyThru’s accounting automation technology is made to accomplish the accounting and financial needs of all types of businesses from SMEs to large enterprises. Our main goal is to enable them to make effective decisions and concentrate on other important business functions.

Why should businesses adopt accounting automation?

The meaning itself gives an elaborated idea of how this artificial intelligence (AI) technology for this unavoidable business function i.e. accounting is beneficial for businesses. Know the benefits of accounting automation for the businesses listed below:

Helps with speed, efficiency, and cost reduction

Automated accounting solutions help in saving time and require minimal effort compared to the tedious hours of manual accounting. In this way, the speed increases and the errors are reduced.

It performs auto-reconciliation and enables the accuracy of financial data entry. All in all, your business’s financial aspects are error-free and if you are the accounting firm, your clients are super satisfied.

With time and effort saved and the need for huge accounting teams reduced, it helps in bringing down the cost drastically.

Helps with accounts and financial analytics

Automated accounting solution provides a unified, integrated, and automated data view. Due to this, records and bookkeeping are simplified and stored in an organised manner. This makes data fetching easy, enables real-time access to it, and strengthens its security.

Further, various accounting-related analytics features such as data analysis, the study of financial trends & other metrics, and report generation, etc become easy and fast.

Helps with other functions

An ideal automated accounting software also helps with other business financial functions and if required integrations too. Such functions include purchase & sales tasks, expense management, cash flow management, payroll, and other HR automation, CRM and eCommerce, and others. Also, it simplifies invoicing, taxation, and other types of payments and payout operations.

Why you must try PyThru’s automated accounting software?

We have designed and developed automation solutions along with the accounting automation benefits mentioned in the previous section suitable for all types of businesses. Depending upon the needs, business owners can employ various different accounting as well as other financial products offered by PyThru. You can get all your accounting functions in line and handle them all on one single platform.

Our goal is to offer the best products, functions, and automation to handle business finances efficiently.

PyThru offers not only all the automated accounting functions but also the other essential business products such as a neobanking, corporate card for business expenses, payroll, payment gateway, etc. Automation also includes single and bulk scheduled payouts.

Thus, you can easily manage accounting, payments, expenses, invoices, banking, and more under one roof. The payment gateway, payment links, reminders, subscriptions, invoices, etc help with timely payments and the best customer experience.

PyThru’s Banking Product offers the finest Neobanking facilities with cost-effective and secured technology development. Our current account is facilitated with other banking functions such as debit cards, cheque book, statements, reports, real-time entries, etc. Also, our unified platform helps them track, access, and manage all business finances.

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