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Who won the Survivor Season for 40 War Winners?

Tony Vlahos wins season 40 of Survivor.


Tony Vlahos wins season 40 of Survivor.

After 39 days Survivor awarded its biggest prize in the history of the series to the man who was second in the history of the series after Sandra Diaz-Twine in season 20 of 2010, Heroes vs Villains.

The winner with 12 votes against 4 is Tony Vlahos.

The jury responded to Tony

Vlahos faced a tough battle when Natalie Anderson returned to the game and formed a friendship on the verge of extinction for more than a month. Moreover, she has won the last immunity challenge, which is a good argument to justify her victory. Of course, the jury felt that Vlaxos had to prove itself. They didn’t take it lightly and some of them were rather bitter because the Vlahaos pretended to be their friends and then voted for them. Vlahos said it was not about a so-called friendship, but about two separate issues – friendship and gambling.

Anderson had a good point. She was a complete beast in the Edge of Extinction challenges and faced many advantages, plus she had a hidden immunity idol that could bring her back into the game. Frankly, we expected Anderson and Vlahos to work more closely together.

But the jury appreciated the fact that he was involved in most of the milestones and that he also won four individual immunity procedures in the section, which is not an easy task. He really had the best argument for a victory among the three remaining finalists.

It is time for Natalie Anderson, Michele Fitzgerald and Tony Vlahos to complete.

The finals were full of twists and turns. Natalie Anderson won the fight, and she had an idol in her pocket, so she couldn’t vote right away. But because Sarah Lasina was convinced that Natalie didn’t have an idol, Ben Dribergen and Tony Vlahos were forced to play in the final of Tribal Six after Natalie played against hers. It all came down to a second vote and Denise Stapley was sent home.

Then the last five of the tony tribe got immunity, and Natalie had another idol, so it came down to Michele versus Ben. Somewhat surprised, Ben told Sarah that she had to vote for him because he wanted her to stand on her own two feet, so she had his permission to vote for him.

In the fourth last immunity challenge Natalie scored another victory and decided to place Michele in the last three. The confrontation between Sarah and Tony was violent, but in the end Tony won and joined Natalie and Michele in the final.

Survival’s season 41 could be back this fall; it all depends on whether it can be safely resumed this summer.

Master Jeff Probst took stock at the end of the finals and said… For obvious reasons, we couldn’t shoot, but, man, we had some weird ideas. We are still trying to explore and develop the show, taking risks, and we aim for the 41st show in the fall. That means you have to apply, especially when you’re young – I’m talking about 16, 17, 18, 19-year-olds. Do it! Do it! Cool parents and a cool school, who knows? That can happen.

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