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Wash and clean, but save water in the times of coronavirus! – bollywood

While the World Health Organization, water conservationists and environmentalists around the world are raising the issue of water conservation during the Covida 19 crisis, celebrities are also trying to disseminate information through social media.

Environmentalists around the world are calling on people to save water. (Photo by Vidya Subramanyan/Hindustan Times)
Hindustan Times

Hansal Mehta tweeted about it: With the amount of dishes I do every day and the amount of housework we all do, we are certainly heading for a water crisis. I think a single meal in a jar, a Dastarwan meal with the family could be the start of water saving.

He goes on to say: Many don’t understand the seriousness of the situation, I hope it’s not too late.

Actress Aliya Bhatt sent an effective message via a social network.

Chohavi Mittal recently posted a video with her daughter Ariza Hussein in which the baby tells all adults and children that it is also very important to save water when washing your hands.

Dr. Pulkit Sharma, a clinical psychologist, believes that people clean themselves senselessly in light of all the hygiene problems. If you don’t mix with people, you’re less likely to be affected by the virus. Follow proper instructions, don’t exaggerate. By doing something constructive, by keeping abreast, negative thoughts are avoided and the way is paved for better understanding, he adds.

Parvin Dabas and Ronit Roy also twittered to encourage people not to waste water and to wash their cars daily. Dabas is even more divided: As president, we’ve asked the people in our company to save water… They’re cooperating, but they’re too worried to hold on to it. We’re doing everything we can to convince them to comply.

All buildings in my neighborhood, including mine, wash their cars every day! Why is that? Where are you going? Save this water! We’re trapped! Until when? Somebody’s gonna guess! Just relax.

– Ronit Bose Roy (@RonitBoseRoy) 28. March 2020.

Environmentalist Vicrant Tongad says I hope the coronavirus situation can be brought under control, but the water crisis is something no one can control.

We’ll run out of water if we keep this up. We tried to attract people’s attention through social networks, webinars and so on. Of course it is important to stay clean and hydrated, but it is a crime to waste water in the process. There are so many ways to reuse water that we encourage people to take these steps.

Bengali actress Madhumita Sarkar says she plans to show video films about water conservation. This time with a pinch of humour, she adds.