New Delhi (India), April 28: When the Covid-19 pandemic forced its way into our lives, small and medium businesses across the country were affected by it. It was an unprecedented calamity. While the pandemic caused disruption, it was inspiring to see how digitization was on the rise in India.

The pandemic has sparked a global spike in the growth of e-commerce sales and online businesses as worldwide lockdowns forced consumers to turn to the internet for buying everyday goods.

The shift to digital has fundamentally changed how micro and small businesses access markets, with digital marketplace platforms playing a central role. The pandemic brought unpredictable changes to every business, and the need of the hour was to survive.

Some platforms create new opportunities for small businesses to reach larger pools of local, national, and global customers and suppliers while also connecting them to social networks, peers, and mentors who can provide customized information. E-marketplace platforms also have the advantage of connecting resources at scale and in ways that are dynamic and tailored to the needs of small businesses.

VS Online services is a bootstrapped technology-based business solutions company providing custom software solutions for medium-scale businesses and start-ups.

The vision is to ensure every human benefit from their technology products and solutions in their day-to-day life.

Founded in 2014 in Chennai, VS online services started with Hyperlocal marketplace, a first of its kind in 2015, and then pivoted to providing services for around 5 years now, serving in more than 10+ countries.

The company proudly launched VSECOMMERCE (Web, Android, and iOS platform) in 2022, from which a store can launch their own e-Commerce application in 5 minutes and even configure any payment solution they want directly get paid. For now, it supports a single store, and they already have the hyper-local support in the engine. But, they are looking forward to releasing multi-store and hyper-local modules as well in subsequent months.

In addition to the same, artificial Intelligence-based Chat solutions (VS Genius) integration will also be included soon this year for the platform.

Sivakumar Anirudhan, CEO of VS Online Services Pvt Ltd, said, “We’ve also observed that there has been an increase in people who are taking their businesses online belonging to a demographic that includes stay-at-home mothers and mid-career switchers, and those who are looking to turn passion projects into businesses.”

“We specialize in catering to the changing dynamics of the Information Technology industry. With an increase in internet penetration, growth in the smartphone device market, reducing the size of devices and increase in number and types of mobile devices, we help organizations adapt to this evolving landscape”, he added.

VS Online services drive prosperity for entrepreneurs to tackle a range of big challenges through skill-building, increased economic growth, and strength. With changing market dynamics, we focus on product innovation with a passion for perfection and a relentless commitment to delivering world-class products to its customers.

VS online services specialize in catering to the changing dynamics of the Information Technology industry. With an increase in internet penetration, growth in the smartphone device market, reducing the size of devices, and an increase in the number and types of mobile devices, the company is designed with the current emerging market in mind.

With no technical coding, or design skill just by adding your store name, your mail Id, phone number, currency, or business information you can start your e-commerce site within 60 seconds from iOS, Android, or web application, and a fully customized e-commerce application within 5 minutes. Additionally, a trial period of 60 days without any card information lets you start your new store or already established store online using the VSECOMMERCE platform.

VSECOMMERCE platform can also be helpful to any budding store owner who sells just a few products to an established store with more than 10K products or any services you want to sell online. There is no limit for this platform as this can be changed with minor customization from our team for OTT platforms, appointment-based platforms, or even rental businesses.

The company experience ensures that they provide the best estimation, and deliver results on every milestone as planned, where clients can validate the progress made.

It has highlighted the need for such initiatives as it has found that many Indians hesitate to transact online due to issues with trust and simplicity.

The pandemic has also exposed the need for a structural shift in the conduct of businesses, and shopping practices of consumers and has encouraged small and micro businesses to go digital to retain profits.

Digitization campaigns have also helped small businesses gain access to customers throughout the country.