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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], April 9: Vysya Business Network (VBN) is a level play area, a business platform where Arya Vysyas from the Telugu community come together to aid and uphold each other’s business believing in the adage “Give to Get”. At the same breathe, we believe in growing together and benefiting from each other’s contacts and network to emerge as a strong “VBN Hyderabad Diamond Chapter “full of committed members.

VBN Hyderabad Diamond Catering exclusively to the progressive and fast-growing, and enterprising Arya Vysya community, Vysya Business Network acts as not just a business network but a platform for members and their associates to interact, share, learn New Skills and grow together, all while having fun, promoting their business interests for the benefit of one and all, Venturing into new businesses, VBN Diamond Works on the Power of Collaboration.

The Vysya’s Business Network, Diamond Chapter, was launched on May 19th 2019, with members from various business categories and backgrounds. It has been forefront and forward in helping many Vysya run businesses increases their presence, connect to more opportunities and scale to tremendous growth. VBN Diamond Chapter has completed its term, and the new PST Team was elected and took charge today.

The New leadership Team’s Swearing-In ceremony happened today at the Novotel Hotel, Hitex Hyderabad.  The Swearing-In Ceremony was a stupendous success, with a jubilant venue packed with all the business leaders from various industries. A one-off event with pride overflowing from members who were participating in the induction ceremony of their New Leadership being: Mr Vikas Kylas as their President for the year 2022- 2023, Mr Mohan Chandrala (Founder & CEO, Dishaa Designs) as their Secretary, Mr Bala Subramaniam Vankadara (Founder & CEO – Om Tours & Travels) as the Treasurer of their VBN Hyderabad Diamond Chapter. The new head table was sworn in by the newly elected Chairman Mr Boggarapu Sharath Chandra, of the Governing body called the Apex, who governs the chapters nationwide. The Founder and the other Co-Founders of the platform were present at the event, along with all the Apex Coordinators.

Alongside a team of Coordinators who aid in the chapter’s overall performance were to be given the oath by the newly elected head Table. The coordinators namely were:

Hari Kishan Boorugu (Eternal Builders), Gunda Jitender (Sri Powertech Industries) as APEX Coordinator, Bhagyalaxmi Boggarapu (Founder BLC ERP Consultancy LLP), Sirisha Tarlapally (CEO – Kreative Designs) as Visitor Meet & Greet coordinators, Karthik Boggarapu (East Hyderabad Football Club ) as Lead Quality Check, Rajasekhar Manchi (Sri Laxmi Products), Manikanta Mukka (Apna Projections) as Social Coordinator.

Sudhakar Bikkumalla (Om Sri Sai Communications) as Joint Treasurer, Srikanth Katakam (Prakar Enterprises) as Business Chat Coordinator, Kaushik Nagamalla (KR Digitals) as Joint Treasurer, Rupesh Gupta Kotha (Suman Chit Funds), Laxmikanth Murarishetty (Insurance Advisor) as hospitality coordinator, Santosh Kumar Shivakoti ( Founder of Ethics Events ) as Dresscode coordinator.

Nikeelu Gunda (Founder & CEO – Digital Connect) as Chapter Growth Coordinator, Suresh Paluri  as Visitor Growth Coordinator, Rahul Erramshetty (Founder & CEO – Flipside Advertising) as Training Coordinator, Dr. Goutham Kattamuri (Ga dental Clinics) as 30 Sec Coordinator, Devarashetty Vijay Kumar (CEO of HomeTotal and Sri Rama Paints & Pipefitting Store) as 8 Min Coordinator, Ramesh Gupta (CEO, Speckwud) as Funquiz Coordinator, Sampath Kumar Veda (Founder President of VBN Diamond & Director – Bandhan Tiles), Venakateshwarulu Jayavarapu (CEO – Vasantha Logistics), Sampath Kumar Proddaturi (CEO of Fortune Aluminium) are appointed as Membership Committee, Sai Chand as Digital Media coordinator, Gubba Srinivas (Insurance Advisor), Aravind Gajawada as Attendance coordinator, Dr. Rajesh Thugunta (Orthopaedic & Arthroscopy Surgeon), Dr. S.Mahesh Kumar (Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital) as Health Coordinators.

Three New members, Unni Krishna, Subodh Gupta, and Sridhar, too, were inducted into the chapter on this very first meeting day of the year, taking its strength to 43 now. The business exchanged in the very formally held business meeting was Rupees Three Crores plus, which was contributed by exchanging a whooping 274 referrals passed amongst the members.

Mr Boggarapu Sharath Chandra MD Vishnu Constructions was sworn in as the Chairman for the Apex Body governing all the members of the various VBN chapters nationwide. The occasion has also been attended by the Founders of the Network and all the VBN Hyderabad Diamond Chapter members. He has also Mentioned he would extend all his support and bring a lot of transformation in the way of doing business and spoke about the new technology initiatives, cross chapter business generation & Individual Member Training Programs.

Mr Vikas Kylas, CEO of Ananya Gems N jewels, a Gemology Gold Medalist in academics and an Energetic and Dynamic leader of the team VBN Diamond Hyderabad has mentioned that the theme for the year 22-23 would be “ Growth “to grow individually and cumulatively as a chapter.

Mr Nikeelu Gunda, Founder & CEO of Digital Connect, has mentioned that at VBN Diamond, we are taking various initiatives to empower and enrich the growth of Business Owners and elevate their business across the nation through different digital media channels. Nikeelu Gunda has taken charge of being a Chapter Growth Coordinator; as a part of this flow of functions, New Initiatives and all the Performance is Tracked in the Growth Parameters.

Mr Rahul Erramshetty, Director at Flipside Advertising Pvt Ltd, has taken up the role of a Training Coordinator to better the chapter. He has mentioned that his training will be taken up at various levels to enable members to improve their performance at the chapter. Rahul has also educated the importance of networks and their benefits with a concise and exciting ice breaker session.

Vijay Kumar Devarashetty (Founder & CEO – HomeTotal) has announced the Year long calendar for the 8 MIN Presentation and informed us that he is planning a series of workshops for the effective presentation of Members.

Mr Vikas Kylas, the president for VBN Hyderabad Diamond, has stated that along with his able team of coordinators, they would be taking the chapter to the next level of best in the nation and as well as mentioned a few steps being taken up by the team, like Daily Business Podcasts, individual Member Swot analysis, Focus Members, Doctors health sessions and many more.  The President has extended a message to all the members present that he can be approached for anything constructive all the time, and he would be more than happy to be their “Go to Guy “for their betterment and intern the betterment of the VBN Hyderabad Diamond chapter.

VBN Diamond is the Young and fastest-growing chapter; It has an opportunity to take very few selected category business owners to join the Network. We shall contribute to our chapter with our full measure of devotion with 100% Commitment to growth as a Theme. We are going to set an example of exemplary success with our Initiatives, Plan of Actions, and Individual Member Focus Plans  & we shall strive for the Overall Growth of every VBN Member  and make VBN Diamond a 70 Member Chapter by Next Quater Told Mohan Chandrala (Secretary), Bala Subramanya (Treasurer).

Veda Sampath Kumar (Founder President of VBN Hyd Diamond, Director – Bandhan Tiles), Ramesh Gupta (Founder & CEO – Speckwud), Dr. Gowtham Kattamuri (Ga Dental Clinics) Congratulated and Appreciated the Newly elected PST and wished all the best for the tenure – 2022-23.

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