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Vanderpump Rules – Scheana Shay ‘Likes’ Tweet Call for Editor Demotion

Vanderpump Rules editor Bri Dellinger recently stated in two appearances on The Twisted Plot Podcast with Evelyn Marley that she deliberately tried to embarrass Sean Neck during the editing of the Bravo series. Shay remained silent after Dellinger’s confession, but lately she has been letting her social media know how she is dealing with the situation.

If Shane knew what’s good for her, she’d be friends with me, because my favourite game is to find all the bad things Shane does and deploy them all, Dellinger said in a podcast, adding that the RVP editors were joking that Neck’s memoirs should be called the death of a million villains.

This @DannyPellegrino interview with Sheana tells about the shitty haircut she got, the truth behind her feud with Dana, and why so much of this season seems wrong. It’s, uh… much more interesting than anything we’ve seen at the fair lately. https://t.co/060nrD3B8e.

– Louis Peitzman (@LouisPeitzman) 13. May 2020.

When fans of the Vanderpampe rules heard Dellinger’s confession, they immediately twittered to show their support for Shay. Although she didn’t publish anything herself, Shay loved the tweets in which she demanded Dellinger’s demotion.

Neck loved a tweet in which he described Dellinger as a vengeful woman sulking about a friendship that never existed, and remarked that he is not the kind of person you want to be friends with anyway.

Eww! I hope Bry gets demoted! #JusticeForScheana, read the tweet that Neck Bravo liked! # The RVP editors also appreciated the fact that it was treated as direct waste by the editors, and it deserved better.

LMAO proposes to put on a show with Jax Taylor, Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, Stassie, etc. etc. as actors, and you choose Shin to embarrass yourself, wrote a disappointed fan. It’s S T I N K S. #PumpRules.

Before taking Dellinger with her, Shay made it clear to Global News in March that she was not satisfied with her performance in the show. She explains that she doesn’t like her story because the fans only see a very small part of her life.

#The editor of VanderpumpRules admits that he is manipulating images to embarrass Scheana Shay in a personal vendetta! Details here: https://t.co/k6J6Ku6UUw#PumpRules #SheanaShay pic.twitter.com/OGIbCIWYPq

– All about tea ☕ (@AllAboutDaTea) 12. May 2020.

Shana Shay admitted that she can be annoying and overly flirty, and also pointed out that other women in the show can be just like them. Shay said fans can see the lives and careers of other cast members outside of South Africa, but they’ll never see it.

Bry Dellinger said during the podcast that she thinks Neck has a short-term memory because she thinks the RVP has shown a lot of Neck’s story. Dellinger admitted that she understood why Shay was bitter, but said the editors only laughed at her because she was so funny.


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