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The Proxperts : Guide to Sharpen your Entrepreneurial & Life Skills

Surat, Gujarat : A good coach can make or break a business, a career or life goals. The Proxperts is a training and consulting company with more than 7 years of experience with expertise in guiding and providing valuable business growth solutions that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Proxperts team consists of a healthy blend of internationally recognised and awarded Trainers, Business Consultants & Image consultants. The Company wants to Modify the way Business Owners look at their business, enabling their operations to spread across endless boundaries and attain positive results. They believe in staying updated from the Best of the Industry Experts including the world’s best speaker and author Tony Robbins.

The Company has been founded by Dhara Shah & Krunal Shah. Dhara has profoundly impacted thousands of people to identify their real potential, reach their goals and achieve their greatest ambitions through her transforming and life changing trainings. Her simple way of explanation guides entrepreneurs and start-ups to execute the learnings easily inlife.On the other hand,Krunal is an excellent business consultant with extensive experience in professional and personal development of entrepreneurs, business growth and management.He has strong belief that “There is not always lack of Knowledge in Entrepreneurs; There is lack of Execution”. With this strong belief, he gently pushes people to come out of their comfort zone and execute the Business Strategies. The team also includes Poonam Shah who is an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer. Poonam helps people in evaluating their lifestyle, personal style, clothing choices, wardrobe evaluation and overall appearance.

The Proxperts team’s core values include Integrity in what they say, Dedication in what they do, Respect for all and a Quest for Excellence.  Here, training and consulting is provided in three categories. These include Entrepreneur Training & Consulting, staff/corporate training and image consulting.

For businesses who wish to overcome challenges – be it Sales, Culture, HR or systems; business which need a direction &boost in their business growth, who plan big but lack in execution, who wish to come out of firefighting business issues, who wish to continue and revive the reason why they started their Business at first place, BOOST-12 week Transforming Entrepreneur coaching is the best option.Business coaches here constantly assist and guide the business owner in growingtheir business by helping clarify the business vision, creating right strategy and define a clear road map for execution.Real life scenarios-based trainings along with special implementation series empowers you to achieve what is planned on paper. There are 2 Trainings Programs for Entrepreneurs – one for Start-up Entrepreneurs & another is Signature Training Program – BOOST: Learn | Lead | Succeed.

The Proxperts firmly believes that an employee of today’s generation works for culture first and stability second. Hence retention is a major issue especially for the Small & Medium Enterprises of the city. At The Proxperts, they believe in the philosophy of What they need instead of what they want.Culture is the air people breathe at workplace. So, all the staff & corporate trainings are done after understanding culture, diagnosing challenges and identifying outcomes. Productivity is the product of Efficiency and Effectiveness. Necessary training helps staff to perform effective & productive, have ownership and take personal responsibility.

Another service provided by The Proxperts is Image Consulting. Image Consultants provide guidance, mentor, educate and trainpeople on managing their appearance-clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette to create positivity and boost self-confidence.

By 2035, The Proxperts’ endeavour is to be a Dominant player in learning & development industry by providing guidance to 3 billion people so that they reach the destination they deserve.

So, if you wish to add right fuel to your business, right direction to excel in yourlife, and convert passion into profits, then The Proxpertsis the right place to sharpen your Entrepreneurial & Soft Skills

For more details visit www.theproxperts.com/boost or www.dhara-shah.com or contact 7227801802/ 9022068253