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Seahawks’ Trade Rumors Swirl Around Yannick Ngakoue

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There are rumours that the Seahawks are interested in Yannick Ngakou.

As Jadeveon Clowney’s guard continues, the Seahawks continue to make sure they have action plans in case the pass is blocked to make the meadows greener. One of the names that keeps popping up on the Seahawks’ radar is that of Yannick Ngakou.

The defensive side was supposed to be a free agent, but the Jaguars confirmed a franchise badge to avoid wasting the defensive side. Both parties talked about their desire to continue and the franchise label has enabled Jaxomville to get something in return. Seacocks has been associated with Ngakoue in several reports, including Benjamin Albright of the Pro Football Network, who added Seattle to the list of teams contacting Jaguar.

NFL insiders at the Ben Allbright Professional Football Network report that several teams have asked Ngakou and are interested in doing business with Jacksonville. These teams consist of the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Sichocks and the New York Jets. The Philadelphia Eagles also signed for Ngakou. But the extent of their interest is not clear at the moment.

Fans used Ngakoue’s installation for panels on which it could be sold

If you see messages that Yannick Ngakowe is in Seattle and that his Instagram Channel shows an image that seems to come from SeaTac Airport. We remind you that teams are not allowed to play before the 31st. Mars is not allowed to accept players. Picture.twitter.com/OQ4VSK1i6L

– Stephen Cohen (@scohenSEA) 18. March 2020.

With no other sport competing, the free NFL agency was in the spotlight this week. Fans followed Ngakoue’s Instagram messages to find out where it could be sold. In an airport that looked like Seattle, at the insistence of some fans. Ngakou has never announced his whereabouts, but the current NFL travel ban makes it unlikely that this is due to rumours, as ESPN’s Brady Henderson explains in detail.

The picture of Yannick Ngakoue IG seems to have been taken from Sea-Tac airport: Judging by my interpretation and the
@SeifertESPN of that note, it seems that Ngakoue has no reason to be in Seattle to do anything related to a possible Sea Hawks business, Henderson stated on Twitter.

The next day, Ngakoue published photographs showing the Eagles and why it is difficult to get more than a grain of salt on social networks when commercial rumours are circulating. Everything indicates that the Seahawks would rather resign the clown than, like Ngakoue, exchange it for a lease of perhaps a year. It is likely that the takeover of Ngakoue will require a decision, at least in the first round, and that he will be a free agent during the next low season. The Seahawks would be in the same situation as Clowney, and Ngakou would hardly expect less money.