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Rashami Desai says she contacted Sidharth Shukla, Arhaan Khan after Bigg Boss 13 – tv

Television actor Rashami Desai, who has had several fights with Sidhart Shukla in Salman Khan’s reality show Big Boss 13, now says she agrees with him and even wishes he was with her after seeing his last clip with Bhula Dung opposite Shehnaz Gill.

Mr. Rashami said in an interview with Spotboye: Let’s keep a cool head. In fact, I wished it to him and Schehnaas when I saw their song, Bhula Dung. While Sidhart won the Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaz and Rashami were among the finalists.

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Rashami had a rather stormy trip with another rival – Arkhan Khan. She first confirmed her relationship with Archaan. However, during the show their host Salman Khan told them that Arkhaan had had a child from his first marriage. Rashami was visibly shocked when he heard the news and claimed to know about his divorce, but not about the child. But she forgives him and Archan and Rashami quickly agree to discuss their differences only after the show. Things did not go according to plan, and after Arkhan was banished, Rashami declared in her absence that she had ended her relationship with Arkhan.

However, Rashami also made contact with Archaan after he left the home of Big Boss 13. I think he was expecting me to call. He texted me. Toda bahut communication hua, but then I was sure that wouldn’t happen. It was just communication. Between us, it was only in the house of the Big Boss, she said in an entertaining program on Archaan.

Rashami, who is currently isolated in Mumbai, recently shared a photo with his family and wrote on Instagram : What I like most about staying home because of the car quarantine is who I share it with. Maa Tell me, how’s quarantine going with your family? In the picture Rashami is standing next to his mother, who sits on the couch next to the actor.