New Delhi (India), May 7: There has been a growing consensus in our society with regards to change that ought to happen in our lifestyle. In a country like India where our surplus wastage in proportion to our population and daily consumption is exorbitantly high, it’s an immediate requirement to switch to organic and natural products so that the environment can be saved from the rampant wastages in the coming years.

Natural products have not been something new for India. Ayurveda and Naturopathy have been part of Indian culture for centuries. And people have found great benefits in using them.

Like we adults need natural products to help us lead an eco-friendly and healthy life, so do our babies. Companies like Pigeon India have conducted extensive research since 1957, on understanding the babies’ unique needs. Pigeon has been recognized by the generation of parents & their babies as a leading worldwide manufacturer of baby and mother care products. To help families lead healthy and enjoyable lives, Pigeon is committed to delivering the finest quality care products. Pigeon have been intending to create products that are not just right for the baby, but also right for nature. That’s when they came up with their product line: Natural Botanical Baby.

”Natural Botanical Baby Skincare series, is towards the improvement of quality of life as well as caring for the environment, by providing the best for the baby and giving back whatever we borrowed from the mother nature”, said Mr. Zenzoh Yamaguchi, Managing Director Pigeon India.

Natural Botanical Baby uses recycled materials for the packaging so that there is less waste generated. Pigeon also works closely with reputable organizations like WWF Singapore to support reforestation support. This helps make the planet greener, and also makes a sustainable source of income for rural communities.

The bottles used for the products are made from 20% recycled plastics. Being fully aware of the damage caused by unchecked palm oil production to tropical rainforests and communities, Pigeon is taking an active part in the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil Production (RSPO), to support more ethical and environmentally conscious farming practices.

At Pigeon, they are constantly discovering ways that lead to a cleaner, greener future for your little one. Natural Botanical is made with nutrient-rich natural ingredients like Olive Oil Extract, Argan Extract, and Chamomile, all of which possess important qualities that support the development of strong, smooth, and healthy skin.

When borrowing extensively from nature, the company knows when to stop. Pigeon has a range that consists of 90% natural ingredients, but not 100%. Fully natural might not be safe for your baby’s skin. Hence, the remaining 10% ingredients are added to improve the safety, efficacy, integrity, and fragrance of the products.

Pigeon India also helps you find the solution to all your baby’s problems and provides the necessary guidance for it. Recently, Pigeon India has been honored and felicitated with the title Times of India most valued Mother and Child Award 2020.

Pigeon uses superior research and development innovation to support the healthy growth of babies and the happiness of mothers and families. Pigeon has worked relentlessly for over half a century to produce helpful mother and baby care products that are easy and comfortable to use.