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‘MS Dhoni owns Lasith Malinga’

The MumbaiIndians defeated the Super Kings Chennai in the IPL season finale of 2019.

Scott Styreese and MS Dony Scott Styreese and MS Dony. (source: Twitter)

The Chennai and Mumbai Superkings Indians – two super heavyweight Indian Premier League teams who share their rivalry on the cricket pitch. It was an endless discussion between critics about which side best justifies his performance in the competition. Today Scott Styris, a former cricketer from New Zealand, made a statement on the same subject.

KSB is the only team to have reached the play-offs in the 12 seasons of the pay league. But in terms of number of titles, the Mumbai Indians are ahead of the Super Kings of Chennai, as they have four IPL trophies in their showcase. The two teams met in 30 games, with IM winning 18 games and CSK 12.

Both teams have a big fan base all over the world because of their star cast. On the one hand, players like Suresh Raina, Ravindra Judea, Dwayne Bravo and MC Dhoney are currently playing at CSK, while in my arsenal I have Rohit Sharma, Kiron Pollard, Lasit Malinga, Jaspreet Boomra and Hardick Pandya.

Scott Styreese pronounces between the Indians of Mumbai and the Super Kings of Chennai

In a broadcast Scott Styris, a former kiwi-cricketeer, said he rated the team by four points. First of all: The sequence and KSB have gone through the playoffs of all IPL seasons with the same thing. Second, the expectations and training of a number of young talents in the national team.

In this scenario, the CSC also sent most of the unregistered players to Team India. They also reap a lot of success thanks to the young players they have found and cherished. Thirdly, they still have the desire to keep coming every season with amazing talent.

I’ve got four points. It’s a matter of consistency, CSK has never missed the finals, they’ve won the most knockout matches, it’s a matter of waiting and seeing these IPL teams produce Indian players, and CSK has created the most useless players for India, and it’s a real desire for them to develop the players in that respect, Styris told Star Sport’s Cricket Connected.

Fourth, the IPL is about the best result against the best shooter of death. And while we appreciate the fight between Donny’s MS and Lassit Malinga… The former Indian captain still has the upper hand against Sri Lanka. We’re talking about the best finisher in the race against the best finisher. Donny vs. Malinga and Donny owns Malinga. added a former kiwi player.