May 28: Passionate chef, baker, food photographer, and recipe developer, Sonal Gupta, empower beginners across the globe, especially in India, with fascinating learning tips and tricks about cooking and baking. With an aim to impart the novice and home chefs with baking basics and cooking essentials at home.

Making authentic delicacies at home has become easier with immediate and unrestrained access to online cooking and baking recipes. Whether it is following a YouTuber that posts some wholesome cooking tips and basic recipes or is an Instagram story that reveals full proof baking for beginner tips, beginners can now learn from basic to professional cooking and baking at home with direction from platforms such as Let’s Cook With Sonal.

Let’s Cook With Sonal is a YouTube channel that posts engaging basic and professional baking tips and tricks for beginners. The recognized social media cooking and baking enthusiast Sonal Gupta also imparts new and creative recipes from scratch through her Instagram account @emma_lewitt and blogging website

What makes this impassioned baker and chef’s teachings different from other famous chefs or bakers online is the clarity and enthusiasm with which she explains everything. Be it quick tips to improve your basic skills or helping her audience learn how to use and take care of baking tools, she helps her followers find pleasure in cooking and baking from early on.

As a passionate chef or baker, Sonal Gupta’s main objective is to reach out to a maximum number of novice and home chefs and help them create the taste of a lifetime. From healthy gluten-free recipes to Korean baking, she covers all kinds of innovative recipes easily accessible through her YouTube channel, Instagram account, and website.

In the present day, not all chefs and bakers are skilled enough to cook mouth-watering delicacies but not skilled enough to be clear and precise with their teachings. This makes it difficult for most beginners or novices to learn cooking or baking for the first time. This is where passionate chefs and bakers like Sonal Gupta, who does an impressive job with doing all explaining flavor, spices, and emotions, can make a difference. By bringing professional baking at home by opening up about the easiest learning processes through her social media.

Her website,, offers the easiest to the most challenging cooking and baking recipes. Beginners can learn vegan cooking and even make impressively cute desserts with the assistance of this website. She has been teaching baking and cooking at affordable prices through this platform, and her YouTube and Instagram account for a long time now.

Sonal Gupta began fuelling her passion at a very tender age. She took inspiration from her mother, who knew the art of dealing with everything especially delicious recipes in the kitchen. She believes in bringing her whole self to the table when it comes to her passion for baking and cooking. She founded “Let’s Cook With Sonal” back in 2015 and launched her YouTube channel in 2020. She aspires to thrill her audiences with more sumptuous and original recipes every day.