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Leading the stairs towards success – COCO HIGH

Surat is the land of entrepreneurs as the city gives a lot of opportunities to the young people who can take lead to win the battle of innovation. One such young pair of entrepreneur in Surat is Deepak Doshi and Veekas Doshi. Erocare Industries was founded by Deepak Doshi in 1993 which is not just a company for them ,but a legacy that has been running in their blood  since 27 years .They together believe in knowing the importance of investing in themselves, from building valuable skills to improve their strength over time.

With that, Erocare Company started its journey in the field of Construction Chemical on 25th December 1993, with limited resources and area of operation. They shared that the skills that are important evolve with and are different from what might have been important. A lot of process is based on technology but some of it is also based on the way employees want to be able to work. With immense god’s grace and constant support of team they have wide spread their business operations throughout the world. With that they are constantly seeing the phase of success in Construction Chemicals and developed an urge to diversify their business operations into the FMGG sector and that is what gave an idea to give birth to COCO HIGH.

Veekas Doshi, founder of  Erocare Retails Pvt.Ltd says “Being  brought up in Surat; we know the love of Surtis towards food. So, to bring about an evolution in taste of beverage they decided to launch Coco HIgh, A Premium Melted Chocolate Drink iin Gujarat with his friend Saif Amin. Keeping in mind about our heritage and traditional festival , they had also participated in Gujarat’s biggest dance festival (Navarati) Surat and other cities of Gujarat .They have already launched flavours like Swiss Chocolate and Caffe Mocha which showed its presence in all the parts of Gujarat and Maharastra. In 2019, Coco High covered the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. In this year  itself Coco High drink is available in stores of Delhi and Rajasthan.

By february  2020, they are coming up with 2 new products and each product is having 6 flavours each where one group of product is having 6 flavours of pure juices and the other product has 6 flavoured milk. And by now they have reached to an approach to forward it to Pan India and Over Seas just like the Construction Chemicals Sector and to export it to 40 countries. With such an immense hark work Coco High Product is  known as the “ Most Innovative Product Of India” and now VeekasDoshi is being tagged as one of the “ Fast Emerging Startups”.

Not only that, Veekas Doshi is also socially very active. Undergoing through his own personal experience of seeing his friends consuming drugs and declining from the point of success he further thought that how can he take a lead to spread an awareness to stop consuming drugs. He along with few members formed an NGO and registered it in the name of Youth Nation. It is an NGO which is socially very active and the entire team gives some part of their profit as CBR to this NGO for the betterment of the society and keep drug free nation. Since 2014,to spread the awareness in a different way Youth Nation had been doing road show rally on 26th January every year. But this they are doing Carnival and  making every citizen aware in fun and entertainment manner. So we request every individual to join us this year on 26th January and let us bring immense revolution and making every citizen aware about the effects of drugs.