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Kanika Kapoor complains about hospital conditions: ‘Only been given 2 small bananas and an orange that had flies on it’ – music

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Kanika Kapoor is not satisfied with the hospital treatment She says she does not have enough food and medical care

Update : 21. March 2020 16:05 ECT

Kanika Kapoor was diagnosed with coronavirus on Friday. Kanika Kapoor was diagnosed with coronavirus on Friday.

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor was the first celebrity in India to be diagnosed with the novel’s coronavirus on Friday, and all hell broke loose. She has been widely criticized for her irresponsible behaviour after not isolating and quarantining herself after returning from a trip abroad, potentially exposing the people around her to a deadly virus.

On Friday, the singer gave her side of the story in an interview with the Indian newspaper The Times and even talked about the treatment she received in a hospital in Lucknow. She said she didn’t get any food or medicine in the room. I’ve been here since 11 a.m. and all they gave me was a small bottle of water to drink. I asked these people to give me something to eat, but they only gave me two small bananas and an orange with flies on it. I’m so hungry I didn’t even take the medication I should have. I have a fever, I told them, but no one came to see me. The food I brought was taken from me. I can’t even eat what they give me because I’m allergic to certain foods. I’m hungry and thirsty and I feel unhappy here, she said.

When I asked my attending physician to clean the room, he told me that this is not a five-star hotel where I can expect such treatment. He said the FIR authorities would file a complaint against me for withholding information and not revealing my illness. So they threaten me, she added. Kanika also said the room was dusty and full of mosquitoes. I’m being abused here and I feel like I’m in jail. You act like it’s not my fault, she said.

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On Saturday, a criminal complaint was filed against Kanik before the court in Bihar, accusing him of neglecting and ignoring an official instruction to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The answer to the question will be given on the 31st. Walk into a hearing. The police of Uttar Pradesh also arrested Kapoor for negligence and acts that could lead to the spread of the disease.


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