April 21: The Project Albatross (Pune) emerging hospitality landscape of 2021 is filled with over-saturated markets and prices are escalating to unprecedented rates. In response, iconic brands need to focus on delivering high value and quality to maintain their brand equity in the long run.

The restaurant industry is one of the most important and profitable industries in the world. It has grown exponentially in the last decade, with new restaurants opening every year. However, as consumers become more and more demanding, this industry faces new challenges. As an Albatross, I will discuss how companies can create an iconic brand for their restaurant to differentiate themselves from other restaurants in their category.

I will start by briefly discussing how a company should go about creating a restaurant brand identity that stands out from competitors while catering to today’s ever-demanding customer base. I will then break down some key elements of the menu and design to help create an iconic brand for any type of restaurant and provide examples of successful brands that have already done so.

The future, of F&B brands, will be focusing on creating a sustainable lifestyle for their customers as well as Their Franchise Partners. This can be done through good product design, well kitchen setup, and proper branding.

F&B Brands will be looking at how they can offer specific benefits to their customers as well as Franchise Partners…. while considering a sustainable Business Model.

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