New Delhi (India), April 26: Tycoon Global Magazine is a revered publication in the field of business. Over the past few years, it has been working tirelessly to highlight and support entrepreneurship. The team of experts strives to sift through pools of entrepreneurial talent to find those who are doing great but have maintained a low profile so far.

The magazine that works unbiasedly to highlight important news across segments like entrepreneurship, life, fitness, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, etc., features only entrepreneurs with an exceptional track record.

The cover page of Tycoon Global Magazine is a coveted space for entrepreneurs. However, getting featured on the cover of an independently published magazine that has a global readerbase is not a small deal. True stories of grit and determination find a spot on the cover page of the magazine.

Recently, Mr. Jayesh Choudhary, Director, Nakoda Group of Industries Ltd. got featured on the cover page of Tycoon Global Magazine. Nakoda Group’s journey is synonymous with the evolution of the fruit processing industry in India. Nakoda group started as a small-scale cottage industry in 1989 and has recently been listed on both the stock exchanges. Tycoon Global Magazine has highlighted the right mix of a good marketing strategy, exceptional knowledge, and the will to succeed that has helped shape the success story.

Among other commendable achievements, Nakoda Group also got felicitated among the top 100 SME India awards 2015.

Nakoda group majorly deals in the supply of candied fruits and dry fruits to FMCG giants for them to use as ingredients in packaged food products like cakes and ice-creams. They also retail sell healthy snacks such as makhanas, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.

All the success means a lot for a family coming from a very small village. It started as an endeavor to save raw green papaya from being wasted and has taken immense hard work for them to come so far. While Jayesh’s dad was behind the inception of the brand, Jayesh has played a key role in its success and thus he is on the cover page of a leading magazine.

He has been instrumental in helping the brand get international recognition and has established the business in over 25 countries. This includes the US, Latin America, European Countries, the Middle East, and other Asian countries. The number of buyers that Nakoda group has in the international markets is on an unprecedented rise under Jayesh’s leadership. Jayesh admits that there are business challenges due to government norms, competition, and other internal issues. However, they sail through them with a robust process, experience and strong organizational ethics.

He further plans to reach the target of 1 lakh grocery stores in the domestic Indian market. The next milestone that the company is set to achieve is to reach 1 million customers monthly by the end of FY-2023. They are also working to increase their retail customer base by reaching retail chains.

Jayesh is working hard to take the legacy of the brand forward and expand its avenues. With the vision to take healthy snacks to every household, he is taking the brand forward. He is the perfect inspiration for young entrepreneurs striving to take their family businesses to greater heights.