Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 8: InfoBahn, a DIY e-commerce platform, is revolutionising how e-commerce websites are built by enabling anyone without any technical knowledge to start an e-commerce website in only three steps in 3 minutes. The company is set to create waves in the industry. InfoBahn is not only an easier and more sophisticated alternative to Shopify for the world but also one that is radically changing the e-commerce website landscape. The platform offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop design tools and clickable features, which are also highly customisable. Infobahn’s business model is a SaaS-based model where users pay a monthly subscription fee and get access to the many themes and features. It also integrates over 200+ platforms such as Zapier, Zoho, and Instagram. Safe to say, these add-ons are only a few of many to yet be launched.

It’s 2022 and even today, building an e-commerce website is a complex, expensive, and long-winded process. The lack of technical know-how amongst business owners adds to this pain point. Moreover, the platforms that are easy to use don’t have the required features and the ones that do, don’t offer simple processes. 8 out of 10 Shopify websites need some form of coding, significantly increasing the initial setup cost.

It’s also important to note that e-commerce website creation is not a one-time service. Brands constantly need to change the design and features as seasons and collections change. Now, seeking the help of a developer for this task ends up incurring extra costs and inconvenience. InfoBahn resolves this by allowing the user to implement these changes as and when needed with ease and without any technical knowledge or help.

Indian platforms like Dukaan & DotPe are great ordering solutions for restaurants and grocery stores. However, when you want to establish yourself as a brand, you need more than just an ordering solution; that is where InfoBahn steps in. The platform caters to brands that need a full-fledged, comprehensive e-commerce solution with more customisation options, design tools, and other complementing features.

“We need a platform that is so simple to use that if you know how to use Microsoft Word and Gmail, you should be able to create an e-commerce website too. Infobahn is all set to redefine the global e-commerce game. Over the next three years, we aim to onboard 2 million brands globally,” says Ibrahim Rumani, founder at InfoBahn.

The platform’s vision aims for India to become the global leader in e-commerce that not only serves your technological needs today but also supports and adapts to the needs of tomorrow.

“We not just aim to get users on our platform but change the landscape, which requires us to do more. Hence we regularly conduct workshops where people can upskill and learn e-commerce website building. These workshops are free-of-cost and open-to-all. Anyone can sign-up for these workshops at ”, said Yashvi Mundhra, the head of operations.

The Indian D2C market is estimated to cross the $100Bn mark by 2025, and startups like InfoBahn will play a significant role in achieving this.

They believe that by building tools that are extremely easy to use and affordable, more entrepreneurs and solopreneurs will be encouraged to see through their ideas and turn them into businesses, in turn accelerating the growth of India. InfoBahn aspires to empower India with quality and scalable e-commerce tech that becomes the backbone of every Indian and global business.