Mumbai, May 18: The complexity of the immigration process is rising among business owners, families, entrepreneurs, investors, artists as well as top-level managers, calling for simplified processes. They require a stronger transition to a conductive market for their line of service or manufacturing in prosperous foreign cities for pursuing permanent residency. With the world becoming one global market, inevitably, businesses or private wealth holders look westwards to explore new shores in new locations. As they begin to expand their horizon, the requirement of genuine Business Immigration Advisory emerges before them which is scarce in the Indian market.

As briefed by Anurag Nagar, Director – IIA, an immigration advisory company is an initiative of BEQ&BN Group, is launching its offices in four metropolitan and all state capitals intending to build strategic alliances. IIA has tailor-made the concept of residence and citizenship for Indian patrons with customized investment and perfection. Securing permanent residency in their choice of the overseas location, the firm also looks after the establishment of their businesses in developed markets and handholding their owners while they expand their businesses in other countries like Australia, Canada, Gulf Countries, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

In a conversation with Ankit Chakravarty, the Head – Business Migration, about IIA, he states that the new offices of IIA are focused on creating a difference in terms of services provided in the industry. His words solidify the firm’s strong international connections that avail 100% transparency to business owners and their families. The new offices of IIA, says Ankit, involve an experienced team who have years of practical expertise in domains like Business Immigration, Real Estate, Banking, and Wealth Management.

Every year, they successfully transition business leaders and their families to conducive markets for their line of service or manufacturing in prosperous foreign cities for pursuing permanent residency by virtue of their rich knowledge, subject matter expertise, and overall experience in this area of work. The company consists of corporate leaders from many industries who are united by a mission to improve the quality of life for Indians by providing them with business PR possibilities in foreign countries.

IIA was founded with the sole purpose of delivering a better quality of life for India’s elite. It was created through the combined efforts of their senior leadership and their amazing network of global connections. Currently, the firm specializes in business immigration and real estate investments to obtain foreign citizenship, and it operates in many locations across the world.