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Hot Topic Weekend, Part 2: Most wanted the next gene sequence

Snack between meals 2

Snack 2 – Are you mad that there wasn’t another one? (advice : Sony)

GameCentral readers list the unlikely sequels they’d like to see on PS5 and Xbox Series X, from TimeSplitters 4 to Driver.

The question asked at Hot Topic this week was inspired by the reader of Corby, who asked which franchise would you prefer if you would return to the next generation as a sequel, reboot or remake?

Despite the many unexpected reconstructions, no one has had trouble inventing new ones lately, especially after the announcement of the new edition of Alex Kidd. Although many of the suggestions are for new games, not just retro games.

Friendly memory If you look at PlayStation 5, you’ll see the answer to this question. To avoid parody, we need the Sony suite that everyone needs, the best game suite of this generation and the most memory-enabled game ever created by console manufacturers. I’m talking about Snack 3, of course.

No, but seriously, I want Sony to bring back Jack and Dexter and Sly Racoun. I agree with the new Ratchet & Clank because it has always been the most popular of the three games, but I really regret that Sony has switched from family games to ultra-smooth games such as The Last Of Us.

I’d be happy if Naughty Dog would make a new Jak And Daxter or something, because I think they need a break from all this suffering and hardship. I’m not sure the world needs that now, and I bet the developers can cheer it up.

It is time to come up with new ideas for
. I would like the following types of consoles to combat time travel in games. Using the increased processing power to immediately switch from one time window to another and see the effects of your actions in real time would be a real generational leap.

I think that Titanfall 2 may have touched that gene a little, but I would like to see a game built entirely around the mechanics of time travel.

With this in mind I would choose TimeSplitters or Singularity for the return. TimeSplitters for the fool who takes everything and jumps right between the worlds, or Singularity for something serious and brain dead.

I would say that the chances of both will be negligible, and frankly, if the franchise has missed this gene due to lack of interest, then the developers better try to create new IP rather than fall into nostalgia, which does not really exist.

HONG KONG: The new TimeSpiltters would be in development, although nothing is known about them yet.

Endless possibilities
I don’t believe the rumors about Marvel V’s. Capcom 4 is more than just gossip about Resident Evil 8 that has become reality, but I really hope we get a big budget increase that is better than Infinite. I didn’t hate the game as much as some, but apparently it had a smaller budget than a season of Street Fighter 5 DLC, which is crazy considering what it was like when Marvel’s films were at their absolute peak.

Except for the correct update of the list – no more Marvel V’s leftovers. Capcom 3 – I would like to see a completely different artistic style, a little more comico-sualistic style that the Capcom artists could show, instead of a tasteless plastic that resembles the graphics of recent times.

Now that Street Fighter 5 is a little bit longer between your teeth, it’s time to have a new Capcom fighter that is accessible to everyone and can be used as a springboard for other Capcom remakes and restarts. Get Regina from Dino Crisis and Samanosuke from Onimushi, and I’ll order two here!

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Waking up to the
franchise, which I would like to see the next generation of drivers relaunch the series. I’ve enjoyed every game, even DRIV3R with all its flaws, but I remember the driver: San Francisco had a lot of fans, and with this franchise request they did something new. It’s a pity he hasn’t done anything since.

I’d like to see a game that focuses on chases and tricks, like the stuntman series, which I’d also like to see come back. I think Ubisoft still has his driver’s license, but I think people today are more focused on watchdogs to fill the void that exists in the world when it comes to driving.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Play now : Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One X)

Level 2
Despite the great success of the exchange, there is a mountain of unused Nintendo Level 2 franchises, and I would like to see some of them come back. F-Zero, Golden Sun, Kid Icarus, Pikmin, Pilotwings, Pokémon Snap, Wario Land, Advance Wars, Custom Robo, Excitebike, Wave Race, and more.

That’s enough for a whole generation, and I want Nintendo to take it off the list by releasing it between two big games instead of going straight to the next one. We don’t need Mario Card 9, but I’d like to see the new F-Zero and Pilotwings.

Without knowing how Nintendo works, the obvious solution seems to be to send in teams that have already worked on handheld games. I don’t know what they’ve done since 3DS was put on hold, and knowing Nintendo, I don’t think they’ll tell us. But there’s so much potential for new games that it’s a pity we can only play fake India.

I’m playing
and I’m one of the few people who have been looking forward to the second season of Telltale’s Game of Thrones.

I didn’t really like the show, but I loved it, I even preferred the Walking Dead series, but unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to finish it one day.

Discover all the previous games received here.

Eternal Optimism Eternal Darkness, back from the GameCube, will always be a classic, but only a cult status, so it is slowly forgotten.

The game has a Lovecraft-style storyline, which is a very clever combination of fiction and Victorian horror style. The story tells of a part or book called Eternal Darkness, which, like Assassin’s Creed, creates a portal to the past, to other past lives, through which you must go and learn their timeline to stop the terrible event that will affect life in the past and in the future.

As you know, a remake or remastering would be ideal to recreate places and environments according to modern technology. Like the Project Zero series for PlayStation 2, the game had its own version of One Metre Mind, which was hit by enemy collisions, causing the screen to go a little crazy as your character became more and more scared.

At one point, I literally thought the game was being eavesdropped on or crashed! Which was pretty scary technically, until I realised it was a character going crazy or something. Good idea, if you ask me.

I think a remake of this game for today would be perfect. Games like Call Of Cthulhu, The Sinking City and Conarium have already shown that there is an appetite for G.P. Lovecraft stories.

The chances of a remake may be small, but the potential is there, especially after Bloodborne has mastered the cosmic horror of bringing a fairly well-received game from an immense dark void to a new dimension of next-generation consoles. Especially after the fantastic unveiling of PlayStation 5, which I was very, very impressed with, I have to say.

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