Karan Arora, Founder & MD – HNZ Lifesciences

New Delhi (India), May 25: HNZ Lifesciences, one of the leading health and wellness companies today announced the launch of its new brand AMIO WELLNESS, a brand that believes in taking a holistic approach towards one’s well-being. The brand products are also available on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Key Categories:

Intimate Wellness – Our major product range defines our glee moments in our personal lives. Designed for men and women equally, our premium offerings add up to the zing in your bedrooms.

Skin Care – Going a step up with skin routine, we believe that a healthy skin is beautiful skin. After all, the largest organ of our body deserves the sincerest care. Our Skin Care range resolves the need for a quality product range that rejuvenates and nourishes your skin naturally.

Hair Care – Beautiful lustrous hair is not just a dream. On our journey already to make dreams reality, we discovered and brought up a range of products that you not only love but will live by.


Holistic care for your whole body – Our products aim at providing you wellness products from head to toe. We believe in pampering the body and revitalisation of the soul.

Innovation & revolutionary products – We believe in creating a brand for you which brings in a pragmatic change in your daily life. Products like No-Water Instant Face Wash and On-the-go Hair Mist are just a start. We have a long way to go!

Commenting on the Launch, Karan Arora, Founder & MD – HNZ Lifesciences said, “We started off on a mission to break the stereotype and turn intimacy into an accepted subject of day-to-day conversations. We aim to educate our community that it is equally important to focus on intimate and sexual wellbeing and to not settle for disappointing and unpleasant experiences. For us, beauty and wellness are a result of self-love and self-care. With this thought, we went on to build a brand which encourages people to take care of their skin and hair from head to toe and everywhere in between! That is how ‘Amio Wellness’ was born”.

He further added, “In India, the self-care market is developing fast as people have become more aware and conscious of their healthy long-life. The vision of the company is not only to amaze its customers with the results but also to provide exceptional long-term advantages to their skin, hair, and body. Our product line is created by experienced healthcare professionals who test each product rigorously to ensure only the best reaches the customer.”

For more information, please visit:
https://www.amazon.in/stores/AmioWellness/page/C981785C-E313-422F-95E7-7AB70C8FB047?ref_=ast_bln  or www.amiowellness.com