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Games Inbox: What’s your favorite Star Wars video game?

Knight of the Old Republic Key art

Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic – they don’t make them like that anymore (highlight: LucasArts).

Tuesday’s hosts are concerned that Sony’s zero tolerance for leaks is splitting up as one reader says the switch could be Nintendo’s worst system.

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Subluminic Speed
So Monday was Star Wars day, and it was a bit uncomfortable that there was no real way to celebrate with games. Battlefront 2 just said it’s a final support, and as long as the Fallen Order has a sequel, we won’t know. И… Here we go. For some reason we’ll even see the Pod Racer Remaster next week.

Normally people complain that EA dropped the ball in Star Wars, but on the other hand, I’d say their three games were worthy of the big one. The problem is how fast they can make them. Nowadays some of them boil down to multiple releases (should we be as authentic for movies, people?!), but most of them boil down to the fact that today’s games last so long that most developers can only release one or two generations, maybe three with a little delay.

I really wish they’d let the small developers and ideas move forward, but no – everything has to be the biggest, and that’s why nothing ever gets done. You say that the new game in Wing X will be too difficult for today’s gamers, so why not make it a game with a smaller budget for a smaller developer? Why not develop more strategic games with simpler graphics? I’d settle for a root beer now, but in the canteen of Mos Aisley.

There’s so much to do with Star Wars, but it all goes at a snail’s pace, and if you don’t change the approach, it never gets better. For me, the best Star Wars games are all about 20 years old: The X-Wing/TIE Fighter, the Jedi Knight, the Knights of the Old Republic and the Vagabond Squadron were great matches, not only good Star Wars tie facilities. At least, this new Lego game will soon be ready

The impressive, very impressive
Since it was the day of Star Wars and the new Call Of Duty update still prevents me from playing the game, I decided to download Battlefront 2 for ten. What a fun game for 10 pounds! I’ve been through all the diets and I’ve had fun with all the diets.

The story actually sounds interesting, but a tie is a big battle and Yoda’s formation from time to time. I still think the PSP version, which made it possible to fly to a starbase and support it, was the best. But it’s great, and it already has all the CD-ROMs (except 100 GB).

Historical Moment
I don’t really know the export company, but I came across a great YouTube channel interested in it. Have you heard of Moment 37? Clearly, the most iconic moment in history? It was in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike 2004, it’s almost unbelievable.

Below you will find an excellent compilation of the highlights of recent years. Some of them bring tears in a weird way.

They also have a videotape of an unknown Pakistani player named Arslan Ash, who broke the scene with Tekken for about a year in a real patchwork of rich history.

I strongly recommend checking this channel, because I don’t know, but the video is so well done that it doesn’t matter.

HONG KONG: We had never heard it called Moment 37, but we knew exactly what it would be like before we supported it. The skill level is amazing.

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Physical approval
I’d like to take stock of the discussion in the streets of Rage 4 and say how much I enjoyed playing there in the weekend. At first, I wasn’t very interested in the artistic style, but after spending some time, I’m able to assess the level of skill in the game. Digital Foundry has released a very good video that shows how the visual effects were collected, and it is very impressive.

I found the gameplay really fascinating, and from an early age I remember Rage Street 2 with joy. I don’t think the battles are more unfair than the originals (although Freddie Mercury’s double really destroyed me). I also didn’t mind restarting the levels when I was dying, because I liked it. A reader who missed an opportunity to run might not have played for The Cherry Chaser? And haven’t special trains like this always cost you your life?

I went through it once and unlocked the Axel pixels of Rage 1 and was pleasantly surprised by the original sound effects and the return of a police car firing a rocket. Overall, the game exceeded my expectations, and I even went crazy and ordered a special edition of Limited Run Games.

Hats off
As a mass fanatic of the series Streets of Fury (I have Streets of Fury, right?) I have to write to give my opinion about the mixed reaction. For those who say it’s not directly from the sequels, we have a kind of missed point, each character is based on a different style of play; I don’t want to ruin the unlocking.

Axel is your know-it-all that will challenge you, and his characteristic dishes are nearby. Blaze is faster, but can’t do that much damage. Cherry can walk on the screen and attack very quickly, but like Skate, she tends to be surrounded. And Floyd is your typical tank style character: slow, cumbersome, but full of energy, and you have to adapt your playing style to each character.

I understand that it’s frustrating that not all characters have a lot of movement you would like to have, but for me it makes multiple interpretations possible with different styles and methods. If you add the unlockable characters and their movement options, you have a lot of options in the game that can be pretty overwhelming if each character has the same movements. Yes, I’m a little sad that my favorite character Axel seems to have slowed down with age and he seems to be taking his time, but I’m also happy with the changes in style that makes this possible.

The work that has been put into this game is by far everything you can expect. Now that I see the gameplay of Digital Foundry falling apart and the fact that they have focused on individual images from previous games to complete the gameplay, I appreciate the developers more.

Also the structure of the game seems to have been forgotten.

The history mode is an excellent way to visit the previous stages individually in a way that was not possible before. Trying out certain difficulty levels at higher levels can actually be fun and interesting and allows you to practice against certain opponents.

Arcade mode, which unlocks after the scene mode, is a more traditional experience.

In the first round everything seemed unfair sometimes, but the more I played, the smarter I found the techniques.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic game, and remember that it could easily have been another Double Neon Dragon.

Platinum Gift
I hope GameCentral and its players will be able to handle the lock. Thursday afternoon I received an e-mail about this news, which is a delayed release of the physical version of The Wonderful 101 : The new mastered but digital version will be released, as usual, on 19 September. Published in May.

Since I support Wonderful 101: Let me remind you that I have chosen the physical version of PlayStation 4 The Wonderful 101, and as I will receive it later than expected, they will be sent to me on 19 September. Can also make the digital version available on Steam at no extra cost.

I’m going to give my brother a digital version because I asked him what he wanted for his birthday in May and he asked me to donate money to charity on his behalf. So I wanted to surprise her with this digital copy for her birthday.
Andrew Jay.

Problem in
I have no significant knowledge of this Naughty Dog failure, but I find it amazing that it came at such a terrible time for Sony. Sony, like all other gamers, can not go against the expectation and disappointment of almost total radio silence on PlayStation 5. It is a strategy that in the course of time resembles less and less, and in that void is the disaster Bad Dog the Last of Us Part 2.

The opinions of Internet users are as fickle as the wind, and the fact that some outsourcing companies have beaten and demonised the YouTube channels for copyright infringement will never diminish, even if you hit the right target. The fact that they hit YouTubers without an apology, which they actually showed or discussed, can only further undermine Sony’s position in the eternally frozen online space communities. I don’t think that this will only ruin the sales prospects of The Last Of Us Part 2, and I think that it could significantly affect the image of Sony at a critical moment.

It doesn’t take much for the community to create a society, and if it gives people a legitimate reason to do so, it can easily slip through their fingers and go through the revelation of PlayStation 5 and the attitude towards its release.

Fingers crossed, they understood quickly and didn’t make an already unfavorable situation any worse.

As you could see on TV
The Hot Topic, the game is based on Battle Royale and how games like PUBG and Fortnite made me think about using it as a source of inspiration. Given that Combat Wing is essentially a mode of play, are there any other examples of media, films, books, television, etc. that have inspired the mode of play in the past?

I see nothing that inspires me to conquer the flag. Can the readers think of anything?
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Play now : Half a life: Alix (PC), Lara Croft and the temple of Orisis (PC) and the flight in SteamWorld (Switch)

HONG KONG: Was the forerunner of the supersonic acrobatics of the Rocket League with rocket-powered combat vehicles before or after the delivery of the Top Gear with football cars?

Discover all the previous games received here.

That’s the worst. The console. I’m not gonna do that.
It’s clear that Nintendo simply doesn’t have any games ready to play, but the weekend feature doesn’t make sense. They describe the symptom, not the cause. This makes it all the more interesting and difficult to understand why a company with such resources and talent finds itself in this situation.

Nintendo has several studios and an extensive catalogue of games for which you can remaster or create new discs. As secondary titles such as Villa Luigi and the Fire Emblem prove, they will earn money for the franchise in which they invest love and care. How about F-Zero or Wave Race? Why nothing original, so much more incomprehensible that ARMS has turned into profit? Why doesn’t Super Mario 3D World for Switch fill this gap? Coronovirus or not, the fact that they are in the current situation is either a sign of bad management or, if they have games in their pockets that they do not reveal, a sign of bad marketing strategy.

Why haven’t they bought or created additional studios or hired more third parties to produce their own products for their system?

It’s often said to be the best Nintendo system. Of course, as far as equipment goes. But from the point of view of the games of the first game it is less clear.

As good as they are, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 are essentially Wii U games. And for now, Super Smash Brothers. Crossing limbs and animals: The new conversion horizons are the best in these franchises, which isn’t the case with Pokémon Sword/Shield or, more controversially, Super Mario Odyssey. These are undoubtedly popular franchises, but unlike Odyssey, they still meet a certain taste and are improvements rather than rethinking the originals. They are not particularly innovative in this respect.

Innovative, and in some cases superior, standalone software is a lifeline for players, without which the conversion scheme really would not be successful.

Given that some of the console’s most famous games were originally released for Wii U, from the point of view of early serial games, the Switch is actually the worst Nintendo console. Of course, that could change. But Nintendo still has a lot to prove.

HONG KONG: We’ve never heard of anyone even remotely having had anything to do with this argument. What’s more, your statements are heavily manipulated.

Incoming aso-rans
This Gollum game will frankly be on display at the Microsoft event on Thursday. So I think Creed Assassina Valhalla, Batman and something from EA and the Japanese company. It’s been so long since we’ve had good news, I don’t know if I’m optimistic or pessimistic, I just want someone to announce something!

BR : Error in the death alarm on the switch. I play it for about three hours, and the only mistake I’ve seen is to mute it sometimes, but it comes back soon. It’s not so bad.
Chevy_ Malibu (PSN ID)

This week’s topic is
. This weekend’s inbox question was suggested by a Traxxus reader who asked which of your most memorable console video games will be released.

It’s not necessarily the one you prefer, but the one who made the biggest impression, probably because of the graphics or the quality (good or bad). If you didn’t receive the console when it was released, any game you bought with it or shortly after will be counted.

Does the game work to a different standard than the one you normally buy? Which games did you really like and which ones did you like then?

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