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Fashion throwback: Reminiscing about some style fails of 2020 – fashion and trends

After a government-sanctioned blockade in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Bollywood celebrities, like the majority of India’s population, were forced to live in their homes. And now it’s the new norm that celebrities who used to be dressed up to nine years old now rest in pyjamas, sportswear and everyday clothes. The days of well-planned looks, professional photo shoots and couture dresses are over, and it may take longer to see them again. Unfortunately, only a handful of celebrities have really reached the heart of the fashion game, whether it’s their look at the airport or their glamour on the red carpet. The best-dressed list would include common suspects such as Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Karina Kapoor Khan, to name but a few. However, it was the worst dressed list, which was always much juicier and clearly had more candidates. So, while we wait for the training and the preparation of the videos on the tapes of our favorite celebrities to make way for the red carpet, we do another photo shoot, we take a trip back in time to discover the most epic fashions of 2020. Of course there’ll be more: Read more:

Nupur Sanon

Nupur Sanon’s style is rather dubious, and it seems she hasn’t quite found it yet. Although the casual style is a very feminine door with a deceptive touch, the red carpet usually makes no impression. Not only did Qbik’s pink-red sari look unflattering with unnecessary accessories such as a band of comrades and cymbals, but he was also distracted by his blouse with round sleeves. You can’t put all the good stuff in an outfit and expect it to work!

Urwashi Rautela

The social networking game of Urvashi Rautel has become stronger in the time of Covid, but unfortunately the fashion game still needs to be worked on here. The actor’s elegant, one-armed, white and pink dress came from the dreams of fifth-grade students, but the red carpet of the Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards 2020, on which the actor wore it, was definitely out of place. The actor wore a ponytail haircut and minimalist, athletic make-up in Maalouf’s Jewel Room.

Nuthrate Bharuha

The emerald green one-shoulder dress by Yousef Akbar, which will be presented at this year’s Filmfare Awards, may be too daring, because he goes from his hip to his pelvis and makes everyone talk.

The gap may have been fat, but it was only one of many eye problems. The sexy outfit stood on the miniature frame of the Nushrat, and two wooden blocks fixed the space in her dress, but for the bravery of the outfit the style was quite hairy.

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