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Eurovision 2020: fans disappointed that Shine a Light Special is falling flat

Europe shines

Graham Norton entertained Europe at least reliably with Shining Light (Photo: BBC).

The viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 went on social networks especially for Light TV to give their opinion on the double – and it can be said that not everyone was impressed.

Today at 8:00 p.m. [Saturday 16.] May 2020], a non-competitive two-hour pan-European programme launched on BBC1 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the birth of the European Union. to mark much European extravagance before it was abandoned.

Thanks, Coronavirus.

On paper the show sounded great, just like many performances of Eurovision favourites. Hello, Netta.

And while it is of course impressive to see that in such a short time the country’s endemic and socially isolated production has been brought together. …problems.

Some fans have shown a lack of consideration in their criticism, calling them hasty, depressing and American.

Fans were also disappointed that it contained excerpts from songs instead of complete performances. And it was so sincere.

I feel like #Eurovision bombed that Europe Shine A Light show. If she really wanted to shine, she would make the show more fluid and less voluminous and dark.

– Dave Arnold (@DaveArnold91) 16. May 2020.

Oddly enough, I like Eurovision. But we see a living dream: Europe shines and, wow, it’s just weird and sad. What a year!

– Matthew Dockry (@gfish) 16. May 2020.

Europe Shine A Light was more melancholy than I expected #Eurovision.

– | OCTA current (@escdiana2) 16. May 2020.

all this Europe shone with a simple program, had the same feeling as this terrible thing made together, at most Americanized and not in the right direction. And I hate it, Imao.

I just want them to do a program and not focus on corona yâknow for once.

– Tue ¾ (@merexery) 16 May 2020

Man, this Europe shines through something light and depressing, I was really hoping for some invigorating fun, especially now the #Eurovision2020.

– The Suga Stars on the 16th. May 2020.

This show shows that Europe is so shiny that I think it caused a depression! #Eurovision

– Alex Cusack (@LexDANCE_) 16 May 2020

However, the criticism is numerous and positive, with many describing it as moving.

Perhaps we can reduce the difference in the amount of wine consumed?


Monuments throughout Europe are illuminated in harmony with the incredible performance of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Love Shine A Light.

Brothers and sisters, may your love illuminate every corner of our hearts | #ESC2020 | #ShineALigh

– Alejandra (@alejandramza) 16. May 2020.

@grahnort I find this Eurovision Shine a Light very touching and I would like to be able to go on holiday and not leave Europe m

– 16. Toastrackjazz (@Toastrackjazz1) May 2020.

If we’re gonna sing the song Love shines the light, I’m gonna cry and get drunk. I love you, Europe. #Eurovision #

– Lisa Kennedy (@miss_lisak) 16. May 2020.

A very emotional blow was the acoustic beat of Mance Zelmerlev on his hit Heroes.

He has dedicated his work to healthcare workers and other key personnel on the continent.

Christopher Baines

Graham came back to give his brilliant commentary (Photo: BBC/TV/Christopher Baines)

Mr. Zelmerlev

Mance Zelmerlev gave a beautiful live performance for today’s show (Photo: DIETER NAGL/AFP/Getty Images).

Mance represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna.

And, of course, Graham Norton’s comforting, familiar and harsh commentary was more important than ever.

The light show was immediately preceded by another Eurovision special: the acclaimed Come Together, in which a group of Eurovision experts (including Rylan) selected the best of all performances before it was put to a vote.

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It’s no surprise that ABBA – which performed with Waterloo in 1974 – eventually won.

Justice for the boring!

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