July 2: Dr. Sushil Mehtaa is an astute doctor who has dedicated his entire professional life to helping find better treatments and making changes in the quality-of-life people lead when affiliated with health conditions. One of the major debilitating conditions is Diabetes and related health issues. Dr. Mehta has envisioned helping people treat these diseases hands-on through his medical care facility in Mumbai. With affordable consultation costs.

Diabetes has now become a lifestyle disease that has become an epidemic in most countries of the world. Most of the world’s population is at risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes. The dependency on insulin goes up, and eventually, your organs fail when you cannot keep your sugar levels from spiking. Stress, obesity and eating habits often rush your chances. Now when the nail in the head is closer to the home, you will be alert. Dr. Sushil Mehtaa had seen it all in his family; his mother and her sister had Diabetes, and there was a full chance of him and his sister being the next. He didn’t want to contract Diabetes which often is considered a chronic condition.

Dr. Sushil Mehtaa, MBBS MD (AM), wanted to reverse Diabetes by checking on the root cause of chronic blood sugar. The damage to the body’s metabolism will lead to insulin resistance. Therefore, Dr. Mehtaa worked out a science-backed innovative solution that addresses insulin resistance and improves metabolic heath to reverse Diabetes and not need medications. It wanted to bring these revolutionary changes to India and improve people’s lives. For more information, you can check out their website, www.prathampahal.in.

You will be astonished how much work Dr. Sushil Mehtaa put in to pioneer long-term beta-cell function recovery, prevention of glucose accumulation and several other processes designed for sustainability and long-term organ healing. He has customized these procedures for his patients as no two diabetics are the same. Over the years, Dr. Sushil Mehtaa has worked on several progressive fitness and lifestyle advice. These therapeutic techniques will relieve the patients’ stress and improve their sleep and emotional well-being. One of the USPs of Dr. Mehtaa and his procedures is the approach of empathy and his concern for helping others.

Dr. Mehta has served in about 40 countries in the past, including Dubai, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Thailand, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, China, and Tanzania, where he treated more than 8000 patients. He envisages the hope to better patients’ lives through healthy routines through goal-based fitness and gradual progression to active lifestyles. The first medical consulate in Mumbai Metro will inaugurate to incorporate all these facilities and give better treatment options. It will offer various services such as weight management, blood pressure reversal, diabetes reversal, hormonal medicine, skin problem nutrition therapy, physiotherapy, blood sample collection, and medical tourism. 

During the Corona pandemic, Dr. Mehtaa’s skilful online consultation has benefited many corona patients. This medical care facility will be the first of its kind on the Mumbai metro and benefit many people. Dr. Pinky Mehta has expressed gratitude to several prominent personalities who have graced the occasion. Veer Kanwar Laal Ji Daga will be lighting the lamp to mark the auspicious occasion. Various prestigious people of the community like Navaratna G. Parak, Rikhab G. Bothra, Dr. Anand Shrimali, Jagveer G. Chaudhary, Pradeep Murdia, Ramesh Mehta, and Lalit Mehta. So many others are part of the inauguration, Manish Tated, Durga Shankar Sharma, Raghavendra, Pratham Mehta, Meena Mehta, Hina Mehta, Dr. Palak Agarwal, Praveena Murdia, Kalpana Bardolia, Nandni Shah, Deepa Joshi, and Suman Lata Chaudhary will all be there wishing success for this new venture. 


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