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Do you own a website? Use Google Optimize to keep users up to date with Covid-19

To help companies inform their customers about the opening hours or services that have changed with Covid-19, Google has introduced new optimisation features and some useful tips.

Typically, Optimize users can make 10 adjustments to their sites at the same time.

We have temporarily lifted this restriction for the next 90 days so that you can use the service until 31 December. In July you can update your website as often as you want. If you don’t have an Optimize account yet, you can create one here for free, Google said in a release at the end of Monday.

According to the technical giant, as soon as you are logged into your optimization account, you can add a message at the top of your site by clicking on the Add banner button.

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You can use or customize our banner template by changing the color, size and text. You can also choose on which pages of your website a banner should be displayed, for example only on the homepage or on each page of your website, depending on the technical giant.

Last week Google introduced a new method to quickly place an information banner at the top of the site.

Users can also customize their messages based on their location.

Say you’re a clothing retailer based in San Francisco and you offer fast shipping to your customers in the city. Optimizing can help you display a custom banner that emphasizes faster delivery only to users in San Francisco, says Google.

Other useful tips are to avoid automatic product carousels or animations on your website.

If you have information on how customers can order on the same page, a carousel or animation may distract your attention from this message.

Your FAQs may differ from those of last year. Make sure this page emphasizes what is currently best for your customers, says Google.

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Adding longer messages for your customers may look good on the desktop, but on mobile devices they are probably too long.

Limit your messages on your mobile website to less than 50 characters. And let the users close the message if they want to, the company said.