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Coronavirus: Power of prayer and Ramadan – tv

The month of Ramadan consists of fasting, prayers and dinner with delicacies during Iftar. This year it is different, because because of the Covida 19 pandemic and the blockade, people cannot go to the mosque to pray or to meet parishioners or their relatives. And celebrities encouraged their fans and followers on social networks to stay home and pray.

Hina Khan wished her fans well and asked them, like many other celebrities, to pray from home. She placed Selfi’s fast, broke the fast, thanked God and said Let us pray for the infected, let us pray for protection and healing (sic).

In connection with Ramadan, Rakshandha Khan said that the most important aspect of this holy month is the Ibadat (prayer). She goes on to say: And if we have some free time, isn’t that better? We can now invest our time in the memory of the Almighty. Altar has always been for my family. I like to stay at home and interrupt my shift with my mother, who likes to work in the kitchen all day to prepare what I want, because this month she can surprise me every day. And when we were kids, we used to eat fruit pudding every day, so the tradition goes on. But a fast isn’t necessarily followed by a party. Especially this year I think we should all think about the people who might be struggling, give them a hand and make sure there is food on their tables.

Actor Rakshandha Khan puts his free time in the memory of God (Photo: Instagram).

Iqbal Khan, who will follow the islamic path this month, notes that in times of crisis one should not leave home to go to the mosque for prayer. And we all have to do the same thing. For me this Ramadan will be like always, but I will miss the Tarawi prayer, which takes place in the mosque, and in this crisis it is impossible to do it there. As for the roses, it used to be people who apologized for their work, but now they all have the chance to fast, and they should fast whenever possible, he said.

Actor Iqbal Khan misses the Tarawi prayer in mosques (Photo: Instagram)