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‘Cops’ has been canceled by Paramount Network

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1. June 2020: U.S. President Donald Trump is visiting St. Paul’s Episcopalian Church. St. John’s for Lafayette Park in Washington.

Because the nation was involved in the protests against police violence after the death of George Floyd, the Paramount network decided to cancel the Copa series. Initially, the station temporarily withdrew from these episodes because of the current climate in the country, but now it has decided to take the programme out of the channel indefinitely.

The police are not part of the Paramount network, and we have no current or future plans for his return, said a spokesman for Paramount in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

A few days before the premiere of the 33. of Paramount, the actors of Paramount decided to stop broadcasting the series in real time. The series was first presented in 1989 at FOX. After 25 seasons, the show found a new home on Spike TV and continued to broadcast on that channel, even after it was renamed Paramount Network. The bulls will continue to be broadcast on WGN America and PlutoTV.

Live PD was also taken live

Another show the police are watching in the heat of the moment, Live PD A&E, was also filmed.

Out of respect for the families of George Floyd and the other victims, in consultation with the services we control, and given the safety of all involved, we have decided not to broadcast live from the PD this weekend, an A&E statement sent to the Variety mentioned.

New episodes are scheduled for 12 and 13 December. It’s June’s turn. Live PD is usually broadcast on Friday and Saturday and is one of the most watched shows on the network. Each episode, which lasts three hours, attracts about two million viewers.

Broadcast of George Floyd’s funeral on the 9th. June

The death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man from Minneapolis, who died on the 25th. May died in a police station, led the Black Lives Matter movement and demonstrations broke out across the country. Peaceful demonstrators took to the streets in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, Atlanta, Seattle, New Jersey, Los Angeles and many others, but unfortunately there was also chaos. Because there were still demonstrations all over the country, Floyd was arrested on the 9th day. June at Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, Texas, where he lived before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Reverend Al Sharpton gave Floyd’s eulogy.

God has cast the stone and made it the cornerstone of a movement that will change the world, said Sharpton, CNN reports. Your family will miss you, George, but your nation will always remember your name. Because your neck was the neck that represents all of us, and the way you suffered is the way we all suffer.

Celebrities also came to Floyd’s funeral to pay tribute to Jamie Fox, who sang Boyz II Men It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye, retired NBA player Stephen Jackson, Channing Tatum and singer Ne-Yo.  Boxing champion Floyd Maver covered the funeral expenses.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden sent his remarks in a moving video message.

Ladies and gentlemen, for so long we have had to face the denial of this nation’s promises to so many people, Biden said. It’s about who we are, what we believe in and – perhaps most importantly – who we want to be.

You can attend Floyd’s funeral downstairs.

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