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Comedian Chris D’Elia Accused of sexual misconduct by underage females

Comedian Chris D’Elias has been accused of sexual abuse of underage women. Several women came with screenshots of the correspondence they had with D’Elia when they were less than 18 years old. The actor is accused of taking care of these young women so that they could meet him, even if they were as old as they really were. These women have since pointed out the irony of D’Elias, a paedophile who plays Netflix’ You, and now some of his stand-ups and podcasts are in circulation.

Simone Rossi, 22, showed several screenshots of her conversations with Chris D’Elia in 2014. She was 16 at the time. I still can’t believe that Netflix mentioned Chris D’Elias in season [2] of you pedophiles, loves literal irony, she wrote a long thread. Rossi went on to say that she was taken care of twice her age, but they didn’t meet because she had a boyfriend her own age. I’m certainly not the only minor who did this… You, Chris D’Elia, and also Netflix, I doubt very much whether it is a coincidence that this monster looks like a pedophile.

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While Simone Rossi’s correspondence with Chris D’Elia didn’t go very far, other women passed on the actor’s own messages when they were minors, and they were much worse. D’Eliya would have asked for naked pictures of these minors and asked them to come and kiss her. At the time of writing, D’Elia had not yet responded to these allegations of sexual misconduct and Netflix had refused to comment on the case.

Chris D’Elia was also accused of blackmailing one of these anonymous women with her nude photos, although this time it was an adult woman. These and other accusations force people to come back and watch old tweets and quotes from stand-up specials. I want to follow Miley Cyrus, but I think it’s weird that she’s underage. I’m 29 years old. I can’t keep up with a 16-year-old. D’Elia even tweeted online in 2009. In an episode of the comedy podcast you can hear him talking: Have you ever seen a 14-year-old boy? She looks like she’s in her 30s. There are no more 14-year-old girls. They’re going from 6 to 25.

On a distant tweet Chris D’Elia said that girls grow up for boys, but that’s because they REALLY grow up when scary old boys are still trying to get inside you. All these old tweets come back to haunt the actor as more and more young women tell their own stories about the departure of D’Elia as a miner. Simone Rossi was the first to perform and she paved the way for other artists, although there are few screenshots like Rossi. Below you can watch a long story about Simone Rossi on Twitter.

I still can’t believe Netflix dumped you as a pedophile during the season as a literal IRONY.

– Simone (@girlpowertbh) 16. June 2020.

Imagine owning a 16-year-old pic.twitter.com/wKTSx6ie5S.

– Simone (@girlpowertbh) 16. June 2020.

Imagine being 16 years old and being courted twice by a comedian. The only reason you have never met and never physically abused each other is because you have a friend your own age pic.twitter.com/xq7XDrat8i.

– Simone (@girlpowertbh) 16. June 2020.

For a long time I thought I was ashamed to get in touch with this old man, but he tweeted me and was twice my age and used the power difference between us to his advantage, so fuck Chris of Elijah.

– Simone (@girlpowertbh) 16. June 2020.

I’m certainly not the only minor he’s done. Just so you know.

– Simone (@girlpowertbh) 16. June 2020.

When I was a brand new comedian, one of Delia’s best friends warned me not to send Chris naked bc, he turned them into mime players and showed other men’s comics in the show. Looks like some of those memes were probably underage girls. No wonder I don’t miss the comedy yet. https://t.co/G8vTtEc3d3.

– Emma Arnold (@iamaroadtrip) 17. June 2020.

Four different people pic.twitter.com/YgQSFsc5OOO

– SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) 17. June 2020.


– SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) 17. June 2020.

Fuck you. You abused naked minors while you were in Vancouver and you tried to fuck my girlfriend when we were 16 and when I tweeted you, you told her you would ruin her life if I didn’t kick her out. A total pedophile bastard.

– Meg (@badhandjob) 17. June 2020

I want to follow Miley Cyrus, but I think it’s weird that she’s underage. I’m 29 years old. I can’t keep up with a 16-year-old. Even on the Internet.

– 19. Chris D’Elia (@chrisdelia) June 2009.

All 14-year-old girls look like they’re 30 years old -Chris Pedo’Lia #chrisdeliapic.twitter.com/cypvqW2Lwd

– Sardaukar (@ Curious47522581) 17. June 2020.

Signing up for Foursquare just means being begged by strangers to come and rape you.

– Chris D’Elia (@chrisdelia) 5. August 2010.


– J’onn J’onzz (@JonnOfEarth) 17. June 2020.

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