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Matzo is an Easter revelation that devours the whole family. It’s easy to work with endless recipe combinations with a stock of ingredients you probably have on hand.

In recent years, the Christmas crack has become a festive snack of the day. But recently a series called Matza crack, specially produced for Easter, is no less addictive, with a sweet and salty buzz.

QUICK PARTY POLITICAL MATZO: It’s worth the investmentI can say from experience that desserts as good as the Easter dinner with its tender breast meat and the warming up of the matzo ball of friendliness have never pioneered. Since the preparation and baking of Easter (for symbolic reasons) cannot be done with yeast and sourdough, pies, biscuits and bread are in most cases disqualified.

The traditional charosets – a mixture of crushed apples, nuts, wine and brown sugar – are of course delicious, but they look more like deception on the Chobani than a pleasant dessert. And the noodles. Well, the noodles are good too, I guess, but if coconut’s not your thing, you always have a bowl of balls. Fact is that we are happy to include this passionate newcomer in our range of Easter desserts. But what is this crack pussy and how do you make it?

Matzocrack – sometimes more delicately called matzo fragile – is a sweet, salty, crispy snack, cooked with (unleavened) Easter matzocrack, filled with chocolate, caramels and/or caramel lollipops. From there you can do almost anything to give a personal touch or satisfy your crews. The most popular fillings are mint flakes, crunchy nuts and seeds, but also chocolate chips, crumbs, coconut flakes and marshmallows.

In addition to these sweet and salty addictions that can be hit at once, matzocracks are subtle, inexpensive, ideal for preparing large quantities for groups and probably a bite to eat. At this time of year you can find them in delicatessens and kosher specialty stores, but we offer to make them ourselves. With the exception of a certain pause time for baking and steaming the chocolate, the matzo gap does not require too much time and energy. This fun dessert is also suitable for a lively and relaxed gathering, as guests do not have to commit to eating a whole piece of cake, but can stretch out or walk to a plate and break a piece of cake if they wish. You can also wrap your Extrariss in a ribbon or plastic party bag and give your guests a small matzo gift.

All you need for the dishes are a few sheets of baking paper, a spatula, baking paper, a few small mixing bowls and an oven! Below are some simple recipes for mackerel crack.

Cracked Matza



Besides semi-sweet chocolate, this classic recipe also contains sliced almonds and pecans. A small dose of good Maldon sea salt completes the harmony of the flavours. You are free to add something to the recipe and produce a batch the day before. The candy tray prevents the mattress from drying out. Get our matzo-crack recipe.

Rissmatze with chocolate caramel

This recipe uses caramel, which becomes more brittle than caramel and gives your crack an extra crispy crust. Have fun with jewelry, not only for the taste, but also for the color. Get the recipe for chocolate caramel and macerate.

Sampler with chocolate filling for Matzocrack

You want everyone to be happy with this Passover? Make some variations on the classic matzo. White chocolate and pistachio matzo or dark chocolate mint – the possibilities are endless, and having leftovers will be the best problem you’ve ever had to deal with. Get the recipe for chocolate filled matzocracks.

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