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New Delhi (India), March 17: AZAD Engineering has successfully delivered the first consignment of aviation parts to Boeing on time. The parts were delivered as part of its contract with the global aerospace company for manufacturing and supplying aviation parts and components.

“We’re proud to deliver on our commitment to Boeing. This is a momentous occasion for Telangana and India as the parts manufactured here will now be used globally in several Boeing platforms,” said Mr. Rakesh Chopdar, Founder and Managing Director, AZAD Engineering. “This milestone wasn’t easy as we had to meticulously plan the manufacturing facility, clear rigorous compliances, assessments, and audits, and then manufacture parts to meet our delivery schedule. The first shipment’s delivery, being on time, is a testament to the trust that our partners place in AZAD,” added Chopdar.

AZAD, a strategic supplier to Boeing, had won the contract in July 2021. The company set up a dedicated facility in record time and delivered the first batch of aviation parts on February 24. These parts will be used in several Boeing airplanes. The Boeing contract has enabled AZAD Engineering to reinforce its efficiency reliability and deliver more excellent value to its customers.

“Our congratulations to the AZAD team. This is yet another example of Boeing’s commitment to India and support for the government’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat vision – manufacturing in India for the world. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with AZAD Engineering,” said Mr. Ashwani Bhargava, Director, Supply Chain Management, Boeing India.

AZAD Engineering has the capability to manufacture complex and super-critical components and machined parts for the power generation and aerospace industry. AZAD’s technology enhancements over the years and continuous culture of quality and industrial safety have made it a trusted partner for customers across the globe.

Established in 2008 by first-generation entrepreneur Rakesh Chopdar, Azad Engineering is a world-class manufacturer of highly engineered, complex, and supercritical rotating components for niche turbine and aerospace industry used for Power Generation and Aircraft OEMs. Years of combined experience and relentless pursuit of economical solutions to complex and critical manufacturing challenges have positioned Azad as an industry leader with a clear monopoly in India & catering to the world; Azad is still the ONLY qualified rotating component manufacturer in India for several high-end technology turbines to many OEM’s. Over the last few years, Azad has focused on securing qualifications and today stands qualified for all models and frames for its client base, making it the only qualified partner for its product line from India. A typical qualification process lead time is typically 3-3.5 years for a new entrant; Azad’s focus on qualification has not hindered their healthy CAGR growth of 15% since its inception.

Azad, an end-to-end solution provider, has established itself as a one-stop partner for reputed global power generation & Aerospace OEMs. The company expects to deepen its relationship as a preferred partner and enjoy the flagship position with a new facility coming up over the next 18 months.

With a mission to put India on the global radar, Azad Engineering has challenged the current mindset around manufacturing in India to establish India as a one-stop world-class facility & is keen to be the torchbearer of Indian specialized manufacturing for all the end-to-end needs of a global OEM. He envisions transforming the entire manufacturing industry using digital manufacturing and Industrial AI, from the design process and production floor to the supply chain and administration.