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Actor Digangana Suryavanshi goes high on creativity in the middle of a lockdown, turns a singer-TV

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She cooks, plays an instrument, sketches, draws and much more, but most interesting is the new song she wrote and sang

VAT update : 18. April 2020 16:37 IST

Digangana Suryavanshi on his best creative vision during a lockdown (Photo: Instagram/diganganasuryavanshi).

Digangana Suryavanshi was very creative in this period and composed and sang a new song – Stay at Home.

Satire about the current scenario, here’s what the song looks like: We climbed so high, but the roots are shaking. We want to see Mars, but we can’t protect where we live. Today, our people are dying and our families are crying. We need to understand that now, not for ourselves, but for those on the front line. Police and doctors with their staff, social workers, the government and the media… Oneness is power, now we know more than ever If we really love each other and if we love our people, we have to stay at home.

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Here’s something I wrote and sang (actually hmm), how I felt about this #covid_19 and the locks situation… I find peace in writing, in my best expression, and I usually don’t express myself that way, but it’s just a situation where I can’t resist the urge to share my feelings? I think the best way for all of you… I like to see the world as original as it is, without our changes, without the economic stress, without the materialistic desires that kill nature, without the way of life that we thought was best for us, but in the end I realized after a while that sometimes you never know what’s best, we can all give up everything we’ve done! But none of us can survive without what happens in nature! We tend to ignore the most important part of life, there are just too many other driving forces, I’m just saying that if we become kind and grateful for nature, there would be fewer mistakes. Climate change is real and dangerous, many species are on the verge of extinction and aquatic life is in serious danger! Let’s protect nature before we lose it! That’s exactly what I mean, I hope and pray that we all get over this tuff-like weather! Be safe and stay home. Stay home. Oh, my dear bear, and you, wild lion god, are so beautiful! Let me put you in a cage, I’ll give you everything, everything you need, but in a cage it’s strange that we think, We give you life, but we’ve taken away your true sun… You’ve never said anything We’ve never said anything But now we know what it is because we’re caged and we’re afraid of Covidus That we don’t fall That we rise above despair That we rise above despair That we rise above humanity All eyes open All eyes closed And save Mother Nature who just died We’ve reached such heights but the roots are trembling We want to see Mars. But we can’t protect where we live. Today, our people are dying and our families are crying. We don’t need to understand this for ourselves, but for those on the front line. The police and the doctors with their staff. Social workers, the government and the media. It’s a risk like any other. And they just accept it. The least we can do is stay home.

Mail shared by Digangan Suryavanshi (@diganganasuryavanshi) at 16. April 2020 at 5:03 a.m. PT.

In the conversation about his decision to write a song, the actor says: I realized what we humans have done with Mother Nature and the animal kingdom. We’re locked in our own houses and in animal cages. It’s the same feeling. When that happens to us, we become conscious. The situation with Covid-19 is very sad, but it has given us a chance to make sure that as we move forward and succeed, we damage our environment, which is our biggest life support system.

Suryavanshi, who became famous for her leading role in the film Vera in Ek Viro Ki Ardaas…Vera tells us that she was recently bitten by a singing beetle. I’ve written over 150 songs, some very personal. But this time I accidentally decided to sing and record a video, she said.

In the meantime, the actor hopes that people will be inspired by this song and stay at home for their own safety. There is a lack of awareness and understanding of the seriousness of this crisis. We must isolate ourselves and not endanger others as carriers of the virus. This song appeals to me, says Suryavanshi, who was filmed in Telugu and Hindi and is grateful to be back home with her family in Mumbai.


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