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3 major questions for Washington Redskins entering the 2020 season


The Washington Red Skins have had an interesting off-season so far with many different titles. This makes them one of the most fascinating teams on the New Year’s Eve road.

But it also means they have a lot of questions around them.

How will the team react to the new head coach Ron Rivera? Who goes up and takes the starting position at the narrow end? Will Derry Goose stay healthy? How does a running back go to work with so many players? Who’s the best catcher for Terry McLauren? Is McLauren gonna be a real superstar?

What about protection? Is Montez Pot going to take the next step in his game? Will Chase Young be an instant monster in his first year? Can Ryan Kerrigan seriously consider the team?

Actually, there’s something to answer. What are the three most important questions Reds is asking as the 2020 season approaches? Let’s look at the situation and try to understand.

3. Can the Reds protect Dwayne Haskins?

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Dwayne Haskins was in good shape at the end of last year. And there are some promising young guns around him.

But what about his protection? Washington lost Trent Williams this off-season.

Yes, the captain of the left superstar didn’t play last year, but he’s now officially retired. So Redskins has the talent to keep his quarterback alive?

You’ve got a star in Brandon Sherff on the right guard. Morgan Moses is also reliable in the real fight.

However, the other points of view are rather undecided. Is Chase Rusting the best option in the center? The guard on the left is unknown. As far as the left handle is concerned, Saahdik Charles has superstar potential, but is the newcomer now ready to make a difference?

By 2020, redskins will no longer be a competitor. But they have a chance to make great progress. But she’ll be thrown out the window when Haskins comes down. Therefore, maintaining the health of your young quarterback franchisee should be a top priority.

But do they have the talent to protect him?

2. Is high school ready for promotion?

Protecting Washington should be fun. The first seven are just stupid. Seriously, it’s almost a deceptive code.

Think about it. The line of defense includes Jonathan Allen, Da’ron Payne and Matthew Ioannidis. They even have Tim Settle, incredible depth.

The linebackers in position are Reuben Foster, Kerrigan, Cole Holcomb, Ryan Anderson, Thomas Davis Sr, John Bostick, Sweet and Young.

Pot and yang can be very unpleasant. They have a legitimate chance to be simple boys with 10 to 10 bags. Both have a potential of 15 plus bag, so 10-10 can even be a soft position.

What about the secondary subject? They put Kendall Fuller in the corner, but he doesn’t have much help in that position. Landon Collins, that’s a lot of security, but who locks up another place?

Can Sean Davis be a good starter? Would Ronald Darby be a good addition? What about Fabian Moreau and Jimmy Morland? Can they take positive action in their game?

If those answers don’t exist, Washington could be in trouble. Their elite front screens should make things easier on the secondary side. But they can only help.

If the Redskins want to be a competitive team by 2020, they need to strengthen their position. If they do, Washington could have one of the best defences in football.

1. Can Duane Haskins take the next step?

Duane Haskins

Washington should be happy with young quarterback Haskins. Yeah, his first year wasn’t perfect. But look at the end.

Haskins scored seven touchdowns against seven interceptions, but five of those interceptions on his two appearances were performed with relief. To start with, the quarterback had a much better 7/2 ratio.

None of his companies have been terrible, and the latter have improved considerably. Some of them were even a very good start.

And the excitement must be even greater in this low season. Haskins lost weight and spilled some fat. It’s unbelievable to see Haskins standing next to each other after he was founded. He looks completely changed.

Meanwhile, the video of throwing the ball at the catcher is an even bigger sensation. Yes, they just train without bandages, in a hurry and with a weak coat, but always a penny.

Can all this be put into practice? Is the quarterback really going to take the next step in his game?

If that’s the case, Washington can have his quarterback franchise done. And even better, it could help them to be competitive immediately.

Otherwise, the Redskins could get in trouble. You can’t restart the quarterback carousel every three years. Somebody’s gotta hold on, or the team’s never gonna be any good.

And Haskins certainly has the ability and potential to be the one to hold out.

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