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10 fun creature features that you may not have seen

Recent releases like Monstrum and The Wretched prove one more thing: Horror fans can’t get enough of monsters.

Of all the branched subgenera of horror, one of the cornerstones belongs to the essence. In its most ubiquitous definition, the characteristic of a being is simply a horror film in which the monster plays a prominent role; this term appeals to the imagination. It is of course a part of being that is free to interpret. Cryptides, monsters from other dimensions, creatures from space and even mutated predators or avengers fall under a wide umbrella.

This means that there are many entertaining features of creatures that have fallen through the cracks over the decades. And these ten underdeveloped gems unleash pure, monstrous chaos…

Mortal offspring 't-Lakes.jpg

Published in 1983 under the title Retour des étrangers : The Deadly Spawn in the hope of attracting an audience for the sequel to Alien, this micro-budget, do-it-yourself aesthetic work of love magic. Guess The Evil Dead Gore meets the B-horror of the 1950s, where a meteorite falls to Earth and releases a greedy, man-eating stranger in a small town. He impresses with his ambitions, especially for a group of amateur cameras, and has long developed a strong cultural appetite. As such, it is far from being the most incomprehensible name, but this divine hold may become even more visible.

Curse II: Sting 't-Lakes.jpg

In 1987 the curse was pronounced on a strange colour adjustment of G.P.Lovkrat’s room. The sequel, which came out two years later, has nothing to do with its predecessor or Lovecraft. Instead, The Bite sees a young couple, Clark (J. Eddie Peck) and Lisa (Jill Schoelen, The Stepfather) driving through the desert, unaware that they are passing a nuclear test site where local snakes mutate. Clark was bitten, and he started turning into a snake monster. It’s a sequel to a B-movie, but there’s a fantastic creature, and Schoelen is always a plus for horror. There is also the charm of horror franchises, which, with the exception of the title, do not want to be associated in any way. In 2016 Scream Factory released Curse and Curse II in duplicate on Blu-ray, but it hasn’t been printed yet. This means that the window that is opened (or reopened) has been resized.

Keywords 't-Lakes.jpg

Hellbound here: With Tony Randall in the director’s chair Hellraiser and Brian Euzna as Executive Producer, you know you can expect something icy, comfortable and fantastic. Enter Ticks, a live recording of the steroid ticks of the 1990s that terrorized a group of restless teenagers during a desert retreat. Clint Howard is a pot dealer who prefers to tie his plants with steroids. Famous actors such as Seth Green and Ami Dolentz also became stars and sought out Alfonso Ribeiro, who played against writing at the height of the popularity of the Prince de Bel Air. Once again, a real star is a sticky, rough tick, in an ultra-practical celebrity-controlled effect.

Strange intruders 't-Lakes.jpg

As a tribute to the horror of fifties science fiction, the strange intruders see a university professor (Paul Le Math) searching for his ex-wife (Diana Scarvid), who had disappeared at his mother’s funeral. He took her to the city of Canterville, an idyllic place that seemed to be closed in 1958. The reason for this is that foreigners invaded in 1958 and seized power and used the human inhabitants as masters. It is a satire that distinguishes itself from other classics such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and prefers a quiet mystery. In other words, this is not an average feature of your being.

Scarecrows 't-Lakes.jpg

Don’t pay attention to the strange room where a group of criminals steal an airplane and eventually take refuge in an abandoned farm. This characteristic of the creature makes you wonder why there are no more horror films about scarecrows? One by one, the victims become victims of terrible and terrifying things, thanks even more to the beautiful drawings and effects of Norman Cabrera (Attack the Block, Drag Me to Hell). In a scenario that is not that big, it does the most critical thing that is most important in the characteristics of a being. That makes monsters, or in this case scarecrows, the central element.

Conclusion 't-Lakes.jpg

This characteristic of the creature, better known as a lamp, releases a nasty gin for a group of teenagers who sneak into the museum to spend the night. To be honest, Otting isn’t a good movie, and it’s not aged very well. Teenagers are disgusting, but maybe that’s what makes their rather creative and evil death so much fun. I admit that I have a weakness for these kinds of films, not only because I’m one of the few evil genius films that show life-sized creatures, but also because it takes place in my hometown. As much nonsense as a shocking and annoying atmosphere.

Blue monkey 't-Lakes.jpg

This creature only deserves amusement points for its name; there are no monkeys, let alone blue monkeys. Instead, it is a hospital besieged by a larval-like insect sample that escapes the patient and causes infectious rabies. Directed by William Fruit, who also played in many episodes of the Goosebumps on Skin series on Friday the 13th: The show and the killer party are fun. If you’re in the mood to have a good time with Insect B film, well, this one will give you satisfaction.

Shakma 't-Lakes.jpg

Horror has taught us time and again that it is rarely good to get involved with nature. At medical school, Professor Sorenson (Roddy McDowell) is experimenting with a medicine that should reduce aggression in animals. His test subject, a baboon named Shakma, proves that the drug has the opposite effect and arouses even more aggressive anger. A possible euthanasia means that Shakma unconsciously unleashes herself on Sorenson and a group of students he has gathered for a live role play. Find Nightmare on Elm Street, Amanda Weiss, who’s also dealing with rabies.

Parents 't-Lakes.jpg

On her deathbed, a mother asks her genetic son to destroy all her research. She’s afraid it might fall into the wrong hands. At his request, he discovers that he has an outstretched little brother. His monstrous brother is almost the only water-inspired monster in this mix. This Lovecraftian story is filled with strange creatures and remarkable special effects by directors Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Aubrow (The Dorm with the Blood Dropping). The stars are David Allen Brooks (Manhunter) and Amanda Pace (Leviathan). In recent years they have been waiting for the Blu-ray release of The Kindred, which finally freed him from VHS status in captivity, but for now he remains a relatively unknown element for the creatures of the 1980s.

Crocodile 't-Lakes.jpg

It is probably the most popular movie on the list, but it still needs to be updated – the release on American DVD in 2007 has long since sold out. The plot, borrowed from a popular urban legend, follows a baby alligator running in the toilet. It is discharged into the sewer, the exact location of which is used by the local laboratory as a landfill for growth hormones and waste. This cute baby alligator grows up to be a monster and ruins the city. Only Officer Robert Forster David can prevent that. According to director Lewis Tig (Cujo, Cat’s Eye), the alligator is legally sound. He also earns big points because he has the guts to kill a child in an unforgettable scene.